Ever since the fake brake failure reports and protests in China, Tesla fan and owner Ray4Tesla has clearly been paying close attention. In fact, he started sharing videos of other cars getting into collisions while nearby Teslas were unscathed.

This was all due to the protests and manipulated media reports in China causing some people to ban Teslas at their places of business, and others to actually actively avoid driving near Tesla vehicles for fear of potential crashes.

We can only imagine how excited Ray was when he came across the video above. While car crashes are never something to be happy about, the video is sort of a culmination of Ray's efforts to prove that Teslas aren't unsafe, they don't have braking issues, and they typically don't catch fire. On the flip side, the number of gas-powered car crashes and fires across the globe each day is massive.


The video was posted on YouTube by ACM Union Media Group with a title that reads (translated):

"Hongqi HS5 and Tesla collided in Zhengzhou on June 5th. Please watch the video for the result. Auto market data shows that Tesla has broken out of China and is selling more and more."

If the translation is accurate, it seems the YouTube channel is making it clear that a gas-powered luxury SUV hit a Tesla Model 3, and the result may be considered ironic. In addition, the text points to Tesla's success in China, despite the recent adversity and negative news.

We've seen many severe crashes involving Tesla vehicles, and in most cases, it seems the occupants have walked away, or perhaps sustained minor injuries. And, while some Tesla vehicles have caught fire over the years, as have many other electric cars, it's not common in the grand scheme of things.

The Tesla Model 3 received a perfect five-star overall safety rating from NHTSA. This means it earned five stars in all categories. It was also designated as a Top Safety Pick+ by IIHS, the organization's highest honor.

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