There's typically "breaking news" related to Tesla on a daily basis. Whether or not it's positive, it's common for it to have a negative slant, at least in the tone and the headline. This is because news outlets have quickly learned that negative Tesla news performs very well on the internet, and they can always update the article later once more details become clear, or not.

This isn't to say Tesla hasn't had its fair share of problems. There has certainly been negative news over the years that's eventually been confirmed or substantiated. However, if you search the internet, you'll find loads of negative stories about Tesla that come from random social media influencers, "sources familiar with the matter," mainstream financial publications, and foreign websites, just to name a few. Some are certainly true, but many are not, or at least they're not confirmed.

Oftentimes, this "news" is spread widely, only to find out later that it's not supported by facts. While some reputable media outlets are ready and willing to update their articles and change their titles, the damage has been done. Moreover, there are many publications that don't follow through with updates or corrections, so those article live forever on the internet, and people see them as fact.

A recent report by Teslarati, based on information tweeted by Ray4Tesla claims that Chinese media outlets have now apologized to Tesla for reporting on "brake failure" incidents with no facts to support the claims.


Essentially, the media outlets acknowledge that the brake failure claims, which led to protests, were simply rumors. There was no evidence to back the claims, but the publications reported on them anyhow. Now, they are walking back the reports and encouraging other media companies to follow suit.

Chatter around the subject suggests that Tesla China, with its new focus on engaging with regulators and expanding its customer relations team in China, may be working to fight against such misleading media efforts. Tesla doesn't have a press team or anyone to contact for clarification of incidents, which is arguably part of the problem. However, this doesn't mean it can't work behind the scenes to curb false reports.

At this point, we'll just have to wait and see what becomes of the recent reports. Tesla has had an onslaught of issues publicized by the media, including the Texas crash, the brake failure claims, and more. There are many details missing related to these stories, yet they're still being published. It will be interesting when the truth comes out, whether or not it impacts Tesla negatively or positively. The facts are what's more important.

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