Can the Tesla Model S Plaid and refreshed Model S Long Range charge faster than all other Tesla vehicles? How does the new 2021 Model S fare versus other EVs with 800-volt systems?

When it comes to electric cars, there's a whole lot of talk about range, and that hasn't changed for years. Interestingly, while many EVs have improved from having some 100 miles of range to having nearly 300 miles of range, people are still talking about range and range anxiety. However, shouldn't they be more concerned about a car's charging speed, as well as the abilities of the available infrastructure?

It doesn't really matter how much range your EV has if you aren't on a road trip or dealing with long commutes. And, charging speed at home doesn't really matter if you're plugging you're car in at night and leaving in the morning, as long as you have a Level 2 system. However, once you start using an EV for traveling, range, charging infrastructure, and most importantly, charging speed are much more important.

Our own Mark Kane has started a new series covering each electric cars' charging speed, complete with charts. YouTube influencer Cleanerwatt reached out to us and asked if he could use the data for a video. Not only does Cleanerwatt talk about the Tesla Model S Plaid's ultra-fast charging, but he also compares it to the rest of Tesla's lineup, as well as the Lucid Air and Hyundai Ioniq 5. You can see Kane's highly detailed Model S Plaid charging analysis here, or click the previous link to peruse all the articles.

It's important to note, both the Lucid Air and Hyundai Ioniq 5 have 800-volt systems, so they should easily beat the Model S Plaid's charging time, and really all Tesla vehicles, right? Well, it's not really that simple. In fact, this is a very complex topic, and we appreciate that Cleanerwatt took the time to break it down in a video that's easy to understand. It definitely deserves your attention.

Check out the video – along with Kane's charging analysis articles – for all the important details. Then, scroll down and start a conversation about this interesting topic in our comment section below.

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