Nothing can prepare you for the brutal acceleration of a Tesla Model S Plaid, not even owning modified McLaren 720S and Ferrari 488 Pista supercars, apparently. Surely, there can be no better compliment for the Plaid than the fact that it blows away supercar owners, and this video from DragTimes is a good example.

Brooks Weisblat decided to pay a visit to Lamborghini Broward in Florida to show a friend who works there just how quick the Model S Plaid is. Irony aside (the man sells Lamborghinis and Bugattis for a living), he happily accepted to take a ride in the Plaid for the first time.

Two other friends of Brooks came along, one of which seems to be UFC welterweight fighter Diego Sanchez. The other one is the owner of an 8-second McLaren 720S, a Ferrari 488 Pista, and a Lambo Aventador SVJ, so he definitely knows a thing or two about ridiculously fast cars.

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Before jumping in the car, everyone made comments about the yoke steering wheel and how futuristic it looks, with the supercar owner also commenting about the Tesla’s much improved interior fit and finish. 

Once the wheels started turning, he also had to redefine his notions of what a fast car is after being kicked in the back repeatedly by the Model S Plaid’s rear seat. Brooks first demonstrated some rolling starts to his passengers, and they were absolutely gobsmacked by the violent acceleration experienced in Drag Strip mode and later in Launch mode.

The supercar owner was pretty much screaming and laughing the whole time, repeating several times that he has to have one. Besides the entertaining part (that guy's laugh is intoxicating), this video is really interesting because it shows the effect the Model S Plaid has on people who are used to driving supercars and hypercars, including on the dragstrip.

If these guys are so impressed, it's safe to say that the average customer will be simply blown away by the performance of Tesla’s fastest car to date.

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