We've already watched the new Tesla Model S Plaid take on the outgoing Model S Performance Raven. However, this time we get to see the Plaid with Drag Strip Mode facing off against the Performance using Cheetah Stance Mode. Tesla Plaid Channel rarely uses Cheetah Stance, so this is interesting.

The Tesla Plaid Channel features new races every single week, and it's now up to a whopping 966 time slips. However, up until recently, those races were in a Tesla Model S Performance, as the channel has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Plaid.

More recently, the Model S Plaid has started making its first appearances on the channel, and the video above is arguably the most epic we've seen. It was filmed at Bradenton Motorsports Park on July 8, 2021. As usual, these are all quarter-mile passes.

We get to see the Model S Performance Raven face off against a Porsche 911, a C7 Corvette, Monte Carlo, and El Camino, though the latter two cars are "beasts," according to Tesla Plaid Channel. Basically, they're heavily modified, as expected. You know, the type that needed to be trailered in.

While the races mentioned above are great to watch, we're almost certain most people are tuning in to see the Plaid race. No worries, as there are four Plaid races against the Performance Raven. The guys also threw in a race against the popular C8 Corvette.

Sure, racing is likely the least important concern for most EV owners. The Model S is a four-door family sedan with a comfortable interior, loads of cargo space, more range than any other EV available today, and an abundance of cutting-edge technology. However, while EV fans and owners realize this, it may take plenty of racing and performance tests to turn the masses on to EVs.

As Elon Musk pointed out, Tesla produced the ridiculous Plaid to prove to the world that EVs are better than gas cars. At any rate, enjoy the races, then leave us a comment.

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