When the Tesla Plaid Channel first showed up on YouTube, we were excited about what these guys might share in the future, since the Plaid wasn't even out yet. Now, it's high time to crank out Model S Plaid footage, and this video is a perfect example.

The guys who run the Tesla Plaid Channel own a 2019 Tesla Model S Performance 'Raven,' which they've raced extensively every week for many months. In fact, they say that have 965 timeslips from the Tesla Raven's races to date.

For those unaware, Tesla Plaid Channel provides some useful info about the Raven powertrain:

"[It] represents the mid-2019-model-year changes to the electric motors and air suspension. First delivered in June 2019, they are the current standard for the Model S and Model X. The changes improved both performance and range, while the permanent magnets in the front motor allow for a new “Hold Mode”. The most exciting feature is the “Cheetah Stance” launch mode, which lowers the front suspension to give the car an aggressive profile while allowing more power to be applied."

The channel took their Model S Raven to the Bradenton Motorsports Park on July 8, 2021, to race a brand-new Tesla Model S Plaid, the quickest production car ever built. The two cars did three quarter-mile runs.

As usual, the 2019 Model S' has Ludicrous Mode activated, but not Ludicrous Plus or Cheetah Stance launch mode. The Plaid Channel doesn't typically use the latter two settings, and it explains why on its YouTube page.

While you probably already know which car wins these races, place your bets about how close (or not close) the finishes may be. Then, watch the video to see the official results. Once you've watched, scroll down and leave us a comment. Enjoy!

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