A recent YouTube video produced and shared by Mach-E VLOG exposes what appears to be the Ford Mustang Mach-E's regenerative braking problem that was first discovered in Norway. However, based on the title of the video, you'd never know the owners had issues. For this reason, they reached out to us to fill us in.

The video is entitled "HIGHEST paved road in North America in a Mach-E!" It highlights a road trip in the electric Mustang crossover. The folks at Mach-E VLOG shared that they didn't include the issues in the title of the video to avoid "clickbait." And, actually, the video is packed with lots of other fantastic content. The regen issue is really only a small part of the whole video. Mach-E VLOG writes:

"We took a drive up Mount Evans, the highest paved road in North America in our Mustang Mach-E. This drive features very narrow roads with no guard rails. The drive up and back down can be nerve-racking, and our drive had a little of extra drama! Watch and find out why!"

While we always suggest checking out the whole video, the timestamps are as follows. As you can see, the problems start at around 28:30.

0:00 Introduction
0:25 Beginning stats
2:31 Drive starts
10:11 Parks passes
11:30 Mount Evans Road
14:55 Summit Lake
20:13 Top of Mount Evans
22:13 Stats Update
23:14 Mountain goat
27:25 Mount Evans Road gate
28:33 One Pedal Drive fault
33:14 More errors
37:05 Drive home
39:35 Final stats
41:57 Mach-E Update

As the story goes, the Mustang Mach-E owners saw our recent story about owners in Norway experiencing issues related to the EV's regen. They note that they had similar issues heading down a steep grade. While this comes as no surprise since we were already aware of the potential problem, it's helpful to actually have it on video.

The plan was to have the Mach-E towed, but after waiting for hours, they decided to try to drive the car home. Fortunately, they made it home and were able to get the car to a Ford dealer on Monday morning.

Ford spent all week diagnosing and updating the car. However, the owner wasn't given any definitive details aside from reassurance that it shouldn't happen again. Check out the video for more details about the errors, as well as some incredible scenery.

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