Ford has already provided responses related to the Mustang Mach-E issue that has left some vehicles stranded in Norway. The brand says a software update should work to fix the problem.

Reportedly, according to, and later translated and reported by Teslarati, multiple Mustang Mach-E's have been rendered inoperable for a time after they proceeded down "Eagle Road" in Norway. It's a steep and curvy road that leads down to a popular tourist destination in Norway.

Six Mustang Mach-E drivers noted that their electric crossovers stopped suddenly and were eventually taken to a Ford service shop. It appears the Mach-E's overheated due to their regenerative braking technology. Norwegian Automobile Federation salesman Karl Martin Rønneberg shared via Teslarati:

“I have had six salvages of the same car model in 14 days. Since the vehicles were stopped, Rønneberg noted that the Mach-Es had to be transported using a tow truck."

Ford Norway replied that this is actually a security feature, and it's crashing from a bug in the software. All the Mach-E's were traveling down the same steep road and likely employing maximum regen. The high level of regen would have caused the battery to overheat, but the security feature stopped the car so that wouldn't happen. Fortunately, though six Mach-E's stopped abruptly while traveling downhill, there were no accidents reported.

Anne Sønsteby, director of Ford Norway information, shared that the software update will fix the bug, but sadly, owners will have to head to a Ford dealership for the fix. The update will eventually come over the air, but it can't yet happen outside of a dealership. Customers could wait until September or October 2021 if they want to get the update at home. Per and tranlsated by Teslarati, Sønsteby said:

“We have been made aware of a very small number of Mustang Mach-E in Norway, where the electric motor has stopped on steep downhills. There is a software update available for customers at all our resellers that addresses this issue. Alternatively, customers can also get their Mustang Mach-E updated with a Power-Up via OTA updates that will be available as part of our next 21B update – which will take place in September/October this year."

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