You may remember that Ford Mustang Mach-E video shot by an owner, EV & Chill, who made a rather negative video about her new Mach-E. Ford responded to the video and then proceeded to take the car in for repairs, and since then, that has happened two more times - Ford did fix the issues once, though.

Most recently, the electric crossover was taken in for a software update that was supposed to get Apple CarPlay to work, as well as to have its randomly opening charge port door issue fixed. The owners do report that the main issue they had with with the Mach-E from the beginning, the fact that the phone-as-key feature was not working, was also on the list of things to be fixed with this latest service visit.

However, upon arriving at the dealership and service center where the appointment had been made, they were announced that not only was their appointment not known about, but the phone-as-key feature was apparently ‘unfixable’ according to the employees and manager that they talked to. They also didn’t address any of the other issues the couple had with their car, and asked to keep the car in for several days in order to try to find a fix.

The next step they say they will take is look for another dealership to fix their issues, because it may not necessarily be Ford’s fault as a company, but rather just this specific place that they tried to get their vehicle fixed in. What we’re wondering is why they were asked to come to the dealership for software updates, even though the Mach-E is supposed to have over-the-air (OTA) update capability.

Ford says that some 100,000 F-150s and Mach-Es gained OTA update capability in the past few months, and that they would also be added to the new Bronco. However, based on what is presented in this video, it appears they are not working for everyone yet.

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