As you probably know if you’re an avid follower of the latest developments on YouTube, content that expresses negative views often ends up being very popular (often going viral), and sometimes it even prompts those being criticized to reply. This seems to be what happened here, after a channel called EV & Chill (formerly Tesla & Chill) posted a ‘What I hate About My Ford Mustang Mach-E’ video which listed several things that the poster thought were wrong or could be improved.

It’s amusing that the very next video posted by EV & Chill, listing the many things they like about the Mach-E, got three times fewer views. This goes to confirm the theory mentioned above, as does the fact that Ford caught wind of the video and offered to take the car away to have some of the issues listed in the first video fixed.

Some of the issues discussed included the reversing camera not always working, accessing the car via smartphone not working consistently, as well as some other minor glitches. Nothing major is mentioned in the video, though, but Ford got in contact with them and they even talked to the chief engineer of the Mach-E program, Ron Heiser.

Ford has now taken the Mach-E away, in order to fix some of the issues mentioned, and it has provided a loaner vehicle (a new Ford Explorer). Watch the latest video they posted to see what exactly happened and why it was actually pretty nice of Ford to try to help in this instance.

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