In the new episode of Munro Live, Sandy Munro together with Cory Steuben and Ben Lindamood check the Ford Mustang Mach-E thermal system and compare it to the Tesla Model Y.

A detailed comparison reveals that the initial "shock" that Sandy Munro experienced when saw Mach-E's system, calling it a nightmare, has its justification.

Tesla's approach is very sophisticated and the thermal system is compact, with all the components close to each other to minimize the number of parts, weight, and length of hose.

In the case of Mach-E, it looks really complex and big with a much higher number of hoses, pumps, brackets, and much higher weight of everything (including fluids alone). A system like that requires also a lot more work at the assembly line.

Thermal hose statistics Mach-E vs Model Y:

  • Length of hoses: 18.42 m (190% more than Model Y - 6.35 m)
  • Part count: 35 (250% more than Model Y - 10)
  • Fluid: 22.5 kg (143% more than Model Y - 9.2 kg)

Nonetheless, Sandy Munro notes that the Ford Mustang Mach-E is the second-best EV after Tesla, better than others, which means that the automotive industry overall has a lot to improve.

It's surprising that the two systems are so much different and that an established manufacturer leaves so much untapped potential.

The second video below is the previous episode, about the instrument panel assembly and analysis:

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