Teardown expert Sandy Munro takes us inside the driver's seat of a Ford Mustang Mach-E electric crossover. Well, we don't actually get to crawl inside, but we see the seat deconstructed so that we can learn exactly how it works.

Sure, seats in EVs aren't any different from seats in gas-powered cars, and automakers have been making the same types of driver's seats for many years. With that said, it has been proven that many people are truly fascinated with how stuff works.

Munro's YouTube channel Munro Live has attracted hundreds of thousands of subscribers over a relatively short time. At first, Sandy was just tearing down Teslas, which worked to get attention across the globe. Now, the seasoned automotive expert and his team are working to dissect every new electric vehicle they can get their hands on.

While folks are likely most interested in each electric car's specific "EV-related" aspects, it's arguably fascinating to learn about all details of a car. If Munro's team is going to completely take apart any car, it makes sense to be as thorough as possible, and if folks are asking about how seats work, why not share it?

Munro says the Mustang Mach-E's driver's seat is a 6-way power seat, but it also has active lumbar support, so it has two additional functions aside from the 6-way adjustments. For this reason, Ford calls it an 8-way seat, but that's not really the case, at least according to Sandy. This is a 6-way power-adjustable driver's seat with lumbar. In addition, this Ford seat is heated.

As expected, Munro takes the seats apart to reveal and explain exactly how everything works. Check out the video to learn all about it. Then, leave us a comment below.

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