Munro & Associates continue the teardown of the all-electric Ford Mustang Mach-E with the second episode about the frunk and thermal system.

As we can see right from the start, the dismantled frunk has revealed a very complex system that Munro Live's Sandy Munro was shocked by. Actually, he dramatized a little bit with the "nightmare" word and even fell on the floor when took the cover.

Technically, it's not a bad system - better than in the Volkswagen ID.4, according to Sandy Munro - but from an engineering standpoint, it's a mess.

In the front, there are multiple major components, like an electric motor, inverter, DC/DC converter, several pumps and the worst part - myriads of hoses and connections between them (not even mentioning the high number of screws).

Sandy Munro explained that a thermal system like that is a costly crutch with tons of components off the shelf. It's too complex (might cause mistakes), too costly, too heavy and affects quality with the risk of leaks.

The remedy would be a system similar to Tesla's Octovalve that combines multiple things in a single element.

On the good side, Sandy Munro noted a plastic tray for the 12V battery, but the frunk part is again too complex, with multiple parts, instead of a more elegant and probably cheaper single plastic element like in the case of Tesla.

All of those things can be improved and as there is a high potential to lower the costs, we guess that Ford will soon take a look at how to simplify the parts, who knows - maybe even with the help of Munro & Associates.

Overall, we find this video very informative and again, in the good direction that allows us to better understand EVs, as well as compare the approach of different manufacturers.

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