In the latest episodes of the Ford Mustang Mach-E teardown, Munro Live, Sandy Munro and Ben Lindamood take a look at the door modules and rear interior of the car.

Those topics are not specifically related to EVs, however, it's always very interesting to see how the new electric cars are built and how they compare with Tesla (Sandy Munro's favorite benchmark).

As it turns out, the door modules in the Mach-E are better than in Tesla from an engineering standpoint, as they are expected to be lighter and less expensive with brilliant fasteners. In the case of Tesla, there is too much steel and conventional screws.

Anyway, Sandy Munro concludes that none of those solutions are ultimate and it should be much simpler.

The second video is about the rear interior/trunk area, where Munro Live finds some good and some not-so-good ideas - some might be related to lack of communication (brackets to attach one thing to another).

We are eager to see more EV-related stuff, including battery and electric motors, as it would maybe allow us to better understand the key elements to improve the efficiency and range.

Meanwhile, Munro Live's crowdfunding campaign for the Tesla Model S Plaid progresses quite well, as the company noted $54,000 (43% of the goal of $130,000) two days ago. Yesterday it was $61,000 (47%).

Today it's probably even higher so there is a big chance that we will see the top of the line Tesla teardown too.

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