In the second episode about the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Munro Live's Sandy Munro was exploring what is under the hood of the car and the impression is quite positive.

First of all, there is a frunk (front trunk), unlike the Volkswagen ID.4, but not only that. The hood does not need a strut. That's a premium feature.

Other positives were the washer fluid bottle's cap and the way how the frunk is sealed (even compared to the Tesla Model 3). Plastic covers seem to require a lot of force to get into components, including the 12V battery.

However, the biggest finding for Sandy Munro was the drain hole in the frunk (it's not news for us, covering the Mach-E for a long time already), and figuring out that the frunk can be turned into a fridge with the use of ice.

That one feature, combined with the place for bottle/cup holders in the frunk, made Sandy Munro exceptionally happy.

He also suggested to add a drain hole feature for Tesla - just in case you would like to drink from the front of the car. In this regard, Volkswagen ID.4's front space was not fully utilized.

The brief review ends with a conclusion that Ford Mustang Mach-E perhaps is a valid competitor to Tesla. We are eager to see the next episode, about the undercarriage, as it might reveal some of Ford's advantages.

Ford recently announced details for its two top of the line Mustang Mach-E versions, which will add even more to the competition with Tesla - this time on the Performance front.

It's getting hot as the manufacturers are now racing to show how good their EVs are (unlike a decade ago when they were busy explaining how EVs can't be really done).

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