In the latest episode about the Ford Mustang Mach-E teardown, Munro Live, Sandy Munro and Ben Lindamood explore the ABC pillars and door hinges of the car.

It's another video related more to engineering than to EV stuff, which hopefully brings us closer to battery/powertrain topics.

Our attention was caught by the announcement that Sandy Munro has confirmed an order of the Tesla Model S Plaid for the upcoming teardown of Tesla's flagship. Let's recall that this project is partially crowdfunded (the purchase of the car), through sales of Munro Live Stickers (and some other stuff).

As far as we know, Plaid is not yet funded (it was at $77,000 or 59% two days ago), but it's probably going ok so the company was confident enough to trigger the order.

"MODEL S PLAID FUND Update: $77,000 + a few big donations being finalized and will announce next week. Stay-Tuned!

PS- Thanks to all those who bought stickers, donated, Joined Patreon, or bought Shirts. We are counting all $$$$ from all sources."

The Tesla Model S Plaid series probably will be even more interesting as the new Model S is widely redesigned (only the exterior remains very similar to the original car). The most important parts - batteries, drive units are new, and accompanied by new individual solutions like lithium-ion 12V battery and a new interior.

If everything will go as planned, Tesla Model S Plaid should be a gold mine for Munro Live and an interesting source of knowledge for us all.

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