Tesla Model S Plaid's dyno test results are one of the topics that interest a lot of Tesla and performance enthusiasts.

A proper test might be challenging due to exceptionally high power (1,020 hp or about 760 kW) and high instant torque of the all-wheel-drive, tri-motor Tesla, which already scared some of the dyno shop owners how are worried about their equipment.

In the latest video, DragTimes visited the HPLogic dyno shop to try the Plaid with a plan to start gently on the accelerator and then maybe try hard from 40 mph (64 km/h).

"We head up to see Jack at HPLogic and strap down the all new Tesla Model S Plaid on the dyno to see just how much horsepower and torque this monster makes!"

At first, the car was put into the Dyno Mode (see at 9:10 how to launch it by clicking on the model name and write "dynotest").

Unfortunately, at a higher wheel speed and/or acceleration, the car was dancing and it appears to limit power, which prevents measuring its full output. The non-Dyno Mode try also was useless.

Anyway, the sound of Plaid Tesla was pretty awesome, reminding us of a jet engine.

We have to wait to see whether someone will be able to properly test the Plaid and replicate its power curve, shown by Tesla at the launch event:

Tesla Model S Plaid Delivery Day: Perfect Power Curve
Tesla Model S Plaid Delivery Day: Perfect Power Curve

Tesla Model S Plaid specs:

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