Brooks Weisblat of DragTimes recently took delivery of a Tesla Model S Plaid, and he's already proven that it can pull off its "advertised" performance specs without any special track prep. However, he says people have been whining to him that the car doesn't make any sound. They want their cars to be noisy.

Since people can't beat the Model S Plaid with their gas cars, they have to have something to complain about. It seems they think that saying the new Model S doesn't "sound" as good as their cars is enough.

Not long ago, we shared with you that Ford has made a fragrance for its Mustang Mach-E GT. It smells like gas since many folks have told Ford that electric cars will make them miss the smell of a gas car. Apparently, the sensory experiences of driving a traditional gas-powered car are important to many people. They want the car to smell and sound like the cars they're used to driving. They want to get people's attention by revving the engine and proving the car's power through its exhaust note.

We'll be honest to say we don't miss the smell of gas or the sound of a loud engine. However, we understand why some people might, and we assume it will eventually fade. However, for now, while Ford has handled the "smell," your Tesla can certainly handle the sounds.

Tesla has had its Boombox feature for some time now. Not all models have the related built-in speakers, but if your car does, you can basically have it make whatever sound you choose, and it will be broadcast loudly on the outside of the car. You just choose the Boombox feature, tick "Driving Sounds," and then pull whatever sound you choose off your USB drive.

Brooks demonstrates by making his Tesla Model S Plaid sound like a Dodge Hellcat, but he says you could choose to make it sound like a Lambo or a Ford GT or anything you want. It's pretty ridiculous, but it works, and it's almost certain to get people's attention. Even if you simply use the featuring to get attention at the track and create some dialogue, so be it.

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