Outside temperature and weather conditions can have a massive impact on the real world range of electric vehicles. This can even be halved in winter for some EVs with smaller battery packs, while at the same time, if summers are too hot, the car again needs to use electricity to keep its battery pack at optimum temperature.

EVs like relatively warmer climates, although not extremely hot ones, which is why it comes as no surprise that the five cities around the world where you will maximize your EV’s range are all in warm areas. The list was put together by carinsurance.ae and it actually found three cities that offered the same highest average range, even though they are in very different parts of the world.

EV Range CIties

The reference vehicle for this list is the Tesla Model 3, although the source doesn’t specify which variant exactly. It does say that in Australia’s biggest city, Sydney, in the Capital of Greece, Athens, and in the largest city in California, Los Angeles, the Model 3 will have an average range of 351 km (218 miles) on one charge - these cities have average annual temperatures of almost 18˚C.

In fourth and fifth position they ranked the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, with 349 km (217 miles) and Mexico City with 346 km (214 miles). Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with charging infrastructure or EV adoption (both of which vary a lot among the five cities), but average yearly temperatures.

EV Range CIties

It also comes as no surprise that the five cities where you will get the worst range are all in colder climates. In fact, their average temperature is around 6˚C, with the lowest being in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik, where it’s just 4.3˚C.

Reykjavik is also the city where you’ll get the lowest range in the world, according to the source, just 296 km. A bit higher on the list is the Estonian town of Tartu, where the expected range rises to 307 km, and the same goes for Helsinki, Finland, as well as Norway’s capital, Oslo.

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