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Tesla Leads EV Market, With The Model 3 Yet To Be Counted

Wall Street research firms have uncovered more proof of the continuing dominance of Tesla in the fast-growing electric vehicle sector. Statista reports, “Even though Tesla has a policy of not breaking its sales down by market, Moody’s data published by CNBC shows that there is strong demand for its cars in the United…

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Tesla Model X

Which Countries Are Paving The Road To An EV Future?

THESE COUNTRIES ARE LEADING THE WAY TO AN EV REVOLUTION Countries worldwide are taking an aggressive stance in order to expedite the transition to electric vehicles. Yet automakers are moving slowly — the Big Three in Detroit are mostly taking a wait-and-see approach with vehicle electrification. And Germany’s finest are also dragging their feet. One automaker, Tesla, is…

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France Isn’t The Only Country Looking To Ban Gas And Diesel

THESE ARE THE COUNTRIES LOOKING TO BAN ALL VEHICLES RUN ON GAS OR DIESEL More countries are embracing an electric vehicle future. “We are announcing an end to the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2040,” said Nicolas Hulot, France’s new ecology minister, adding that the move was a “veritable revolution”. Now, it…

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40-Stall Tesla Superchargers Planned For Norway, California

More and more evidence indicates that Tesla is now aiming to install a new kind of Supercharging stations – Supercharger Supersites – to provide for upcoming higher-volume EV sales. Those new stations will be much larger than previous ones – with 40 stalls, doubling the size of the largest available today. One…

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