Tesla has opened more Supercharging stations for non-Tesla electric vehicles in Norway, which is another step toward making the network available for the general public in Europe (as long as the EVs are compatible with the CCS2 DC fast charging connector standard).

The first 15 stations were opened for non-Tesla EVs in January 2022, and according to the latest media reports, the company now opened an additional 42 stations.

Bjørn Nyland says (see video below) that the 42 additional stations come on top of 16 already available, so the new total is 58 (with most likely over 500 stalls) or about 66% of the 88 in total.

This move is considered a major improvement of the non-Tesla fast-charging network in Norway, including the coverage of almost the entire route to the North Cape.

Tesla has not decided yet to open all of its stations for non-Tesla vehicles, like in the Netherlands, which is very likely associated with the physical capacity of some of the stations. Some sites, which might be overloaded at peak demand, probably will have to remain exclusive to Tesla drivers - at least until an upgrade or installation of additional stations.

Besides the Netherlands and Norway, Tesla offers non-Supercharging also in France (initially at 16 sites).

To access the Tesla Supercharging network and charge non-Tesla EVs, customers have to use the Tesla app and select a single-use or a subscription (Members) with a monthly fee for a lower price per kWh. The prices depend on the locations, but in general, are considered competitive.

In the video, Bjørn Nyland shows a price of 4.95 NOK/kWh or €0.49/$0.52 (Membership pricing) at a 150 kW Supercharger.

The main drawback of the non-Tesla Supercharging is that due to the short cables and the layout of many of the stations, not all EVs can easily access the charging stalls. In some cases, a non-Tesla car would have to park in an awkward way or take more than one space to be able to connect the car with a charging inlet in a different place than in Teslas (left rear).

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