New passenger car sales in Norway continued to decrease in May, as the number of registrations amounted to 11,537 (down 18% year-over-year).

Plug-in electric cars are also in the red, but mostly because of the plug-in hybrids, because all-electric car sales still maintain last year's level.

Last month, 9,820 new passenger plug-in electric cars were registered, which is 16% less than a year ago. The plug-in market share amounted to 85.1% (compared to 83.3% a year ago).

All-electric car registrations amounted to 8,445 (only 0.6% less than a year ago), while plug-in hybrid car registrations are down 57% (1,375 units).

Plug-in hybrid sales continue to collapse due to reduced tax incentives (CO2 emission component).

What we see in those numbers is the combination of supply constraints, market uncertainty, and in the case of PHEVs, lower incentives.

Stats for the month:

  • BEVs: 8,445 (down 0.6%, at 73.2% market share) + 1,183 "used" + 426 new vans
  • PHEVs: 1,375 (down 57%, at 11.9% market share)
  • Total: 9,820 (down 16%, at 85.1% market share)

New passenger plug-in car registrations in Norway – May 2022

So far this year, more than 47,000 new passenger plug-ins were registered in Norway.

Plug-in car registrations year-to-date:

  • BEVs: 42,455 (up 22%, at 79.2% market share)
  • PHEVs: 4,695 (down 73%, at 8.8% market share)
  • Total: 47,150 (down 9%, at 88.0% market share)

The gasoline, diesel and non-rechargeable hybrids were in the minority with 14.9% of the market last month (4.2% gasoline, 3.7% diesel, 7.9% hybrids).


The most registered model in the month of May was the Volkswagen ID.4 with 915 units, which allowed it to get closer to the Tesla Model Y in the year-to-date race. Tesla had another slower month, with only 229 registrations (224 Model Y), mostly due to disrupted production in China.

Interestingly, the second most registered model was the BMW iX (487), followed by the Polestar 2 (474).

Overall, the Norwegian market is pretty interesting and unique with a dominant position of BEV models - mostly crossover/SUV segment and premium models at the top.

Top 20 new passenger car registrations in Norway – 2022 YTD

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