GM and BrightDrop, its newly created business for electric commercial vehicles and logistics, today announced the expansion of the Ultium Charge 360 charging service to commercial fleets.

Designed to help make the switch to electric seamless for fleet customers, Ultium Charge 360 will connect them with services, resources and access to services from preferred charging providers.

First introduced in April for passenger EVs, GM’s Ultium Charge 360 program promises a simplified charging experience for passenger vehicle customers. Now, the service will bring the same benefits to commercial fleets.

According to GM, the Ultium Charge 360 fleet service will be “one of the industry’s most holistic solutions.” Depending on local availability, it will offer fleet and facility management tools, integration with GM’s fleet management solution, OnStar Vehicle Insights, and the BrightDrop fleet and asset management platform, and support for a wide range of fleet segments. The latter will include delivery, sales, utilities and motor pool.

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GM says the Ultium Charge 360 will help new and existing fleet customers identify providers, tools and solutions required to plan, finance, deploy and operate charging infrastructure in fleet yards and depots. The service will also help enable support for home charging, in addition to providing drivers access to more than 60,000 public places to charge while en route.

To make all of this possible, GM is working with preferred companies including four depot infrastructure providers: eTransEnergy (a Duke Energy company), EVgo, In-Charge Energy, and Schneider Electric. In addition, the automaker is expanding the collaboration with Qmerit for home charging and EVgo for public and depot charging.

“Fleets have a significant impact on the transition to EVs and by expanding Ultium Charge 360 to our fleet customers, GM aims to be a significant industry leader to advance fleet EV adoption at scale and accelerate our goal of reaching 1 million EV sales globally by 2025.”

Ed Peper, U.S. vice president, GM Fleet

Ultium Charge 360 will enable GM Fleet, OnStar Business Solutions and BrightDrop customers to customize plans and select from preferred providers for their fleet electrification needs in the United States and Canada.

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