Tesla CEO Elon Musk hasn't said much about the big Full Self-Driving Beta update and the "download Beta button" of late, except that everything is always coming in two weeks. It was months ago that the CEO said the button was coming in a matter of days, and folks have been waiting on the new FSD Version 9 for what seems like forever.

As we reported earlier, Musk admitted on Twitter that self-driving has been much more challenging than he anticipated, though we're pretty sure everyone else watching from the outside has known this for some time. However, the tweet also promises that FSD Beta 9 is shipping soon.


While Musk still hasn't given a more specific timeline for the upcoming FSD Beta update or the button, he did provide a very interesting detail yesterday. Now that the all-new Model S Plaid and refreshed Model S Long Range have come to market with a heavily updated interface, people have been wondering if the new UI is coming to all Tesla vehicles. 

The good news is that it is, though there's a caveat. The updated UI will come along with the big FSD release. However, this means that it will only be available in cars with the FSD computer. Fortunately, if your Tesla doesn't have the FSD computer, you can get it, though it will cost you.

It's important to note that every Tesla vehicle produced since April 2019 comes standard with the FSD computer. It seems based on the tweet that the new UI will come to all of these cars regardless of whether or not the owner paid for the FSD package.


Musk isn't very clear about what "FSD wide release" he's referring to. However, the talk lately has been around the big Version 11 software update, which Tesla fans and owners seem to assume will also include the FSD Beta Version 9 update, at least for those who have paid for the Full Self-Driving Capability package.

Tesla recently removed the radar from Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in favor of an artificial-intelligence-based pure-vision approach that only relies on cameras, as well as the car's "brain." It seems that switching to this approach has worked to slow down the release of Version 9. 

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