October 2018 News Archive

2018 Nissan LEAF Compared To 2017 LEAF: Video

Jaguar I-PACE Deliveries Will Exceed 400 In October In Norway

China's JAC Deepens Tie With Battery Maker Guoxuan

General Public Can Now Order Own Tesla Model 3, S & X Parts

In Austria, Electric Car Speed Limit To Be Higher Than ICE

Tesla Model S Wear & Tear After 150,000 Miles

New BMW 330e iPerformance Coming In 2019 With More Electric Range

Uniti One Electric Car To Enter Production In 2020

Dendrobium Committed To Produce D-1 Electric Car In UK

Check Out This Matte Black Tesla Model X With HRE S209 Wheels

It Appears Nissan LEAF 3G CARWINGS Upgrade Costs Thousands

Tesla Model 3 Mountain Road Trip Experience: 500 Miles Driven

Chevy Bolt EV Survey Hints At Cold Weather Package With Heat Pump

Four Charging Networks Control Over 60% Of Charging Points In U.S.

The New Tech Headache Formula E Teams Must Solve

Iveco’s Electric Acco Hits The Road In Australia

120-kW Wireless Charging Proves 97% Efficient

2018 Nissan LEAF Battery Health Tested After 12,000 Miles

Thor Trucks To Develop Heavy-Duty E-Powertrain System With AxleTech

Fully Charged Recaps Paris Motor Show 2018

Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo Wagon Spied For First Time

Electric Car Servicing Cost Are Lower: Here's How Much

Wonder How Tesla's Ultra White Seats Hold Up After 25,000 Miles?

ABB Presents 24 kW DC Wallbox For CCS & CHAdeMO

Chevy Volt Electric And Fuel Economy Tests Exceed EPA Numbers

Workhorse NGEN-1000 Electric Van Enters Production

BMW Recalls Electric Car Chargers For Risk of Shock, Fire

Let's Look At Energy Consumption Of Tesla Model 3 Heater

Jaguar Delivers First I-PACE In U.S. - Owner Not A Fan Of Tesla's Style

NIO ES8 Sales Hit 1,766 In September, Over 3,000 YTD

Tesla Shows Off Model 3 Drive Gears After Million-Mile Testing

Skoda Vision E Electric Will Be Offered In SUV Form

Tall, Large Guy Tests Small 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV

Cars.com Conducts Child Seat Test On Tesla Model X

Elon Musk Came To North America At 17 With $2K, The Rest Is History

How Much Does Cabin Overheat Protection Impact Tesla Model 3 Range?

Hyundai Denies Most Of U.S. Access To Upcoming Kona Electric

Mercedes-Benz Presents C 300 de Diesel Plug-In Hybrid

Mercedes-Benz Introduces S 560 e Plug-In Hybrid With 13.5 kWh Battery

How About Charging Your Electric Car From A Lamppost?

How Is Our App-Driven World Changing The Automotive Industry?

Henrik Fisker Joins Board At First Cobalt

Watch How Fast A Tesla Model 3 Goes In Reverse

Watch Tesla Model S P100D Smoke Pair Of Dodge Demons

Candid Chevy Bolt EV 470-Mile Road Trip Story Is Sure To Entertain

Can You Sleep In A Jaguar I-Pace? Let's Find Out

Plug-In Electric Cars Sales In U.S. Surpass 1 Million

Tesla Model S Cost Of Ownership At 130,000 Miles

Nikola Motors Boldly Claims It Will Become U.S. Largest Energy Consumer

See This Range-Extending Toyota-Tesla Trailer In Action

Qmerit Aims to Simplify EV Home Charger Installations

UPDATE: BMW Cancels Range-Extender Option For i3 In Europe

Ever Wonder Why Musk Considered The Original Tesla Roadster A Failure?

Watch This Chevy Volt Drive Itself With Openpilot From Comma.ai

Audi e-tron Battery TMS: How Does It Stack Up Against Tesla Model 3?

In Norway, 60% Of New Vehicle Sales Were Plug-In Electric Cars

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