Simplicity is key.

One of the pain points for many EV owners is the installation of their home charging station (EVSE). A quick search of some of the online electric vehicle forums and Facebook EV groups will uncover many threads with the poster asking for recommended installers and how much they should expect to pay.

For some reason, it occasionally seems that some electrical contractors charge more to install an EVSE than they would for a similar device with the same power requirement. It's not often that homeowners need a dedicated 40-amp or 80-amp circuit added to their garage. So, without any previous experience to compare the quote to, it's natural to be concerned about possibly being overcharged.

Enter Qmerit home EVSE installation services. By enabling customers to quickly get up to three competitive bids from experienced local EVSE installers, Qmerit aims to simplify the process, and help EV owners install their home charging equipment with confidence.

Qmerit provides an online marketplace for EV charging station installations, which connects electric vehicle customers with pre-vetted and certified installers. By simply typing in their address, customers are provided with certified Qmerit installers in their area. They can select up to three contractors to receive installation quotes and then choose the installer that best meets their needs. We take care of the entire process, from start to finish. - Ken Sapp, General Manager, Energy & EV Solutions for Qmerit


The process starts with a visit to the Qmerit site where the customer requests installation quotes. They fill out some basic information like their address, whether it's a single family home, apartment or condo and any special information relevant to the installation.

If Qmerit has installers in their area, they receive a list (up to 3) of licensed, qualified and insured local EVSE installers. The installers were selected for them based on their "QCI" rating which includes feedback previous customers and responsiveness among other factors. This approach helps to weed out the contractors that don't score high on quality installations and customer satisfaction.

From Qmerit:

Qmerit Energy & EV Solutions

  • Experience: The Qmerit’s management team was among the leadership who helped roll out the first national EV charging station installations for auto dealerships, parking garages and government buildings throughout North America and are now performing residential EV charging station installations for BMW, MINI, FLO, Jaguar, Land RoverChargePoint, eMotorWerks, Faraday Future and other manufacturers through its nationwide network of pre-qualified EV charging station installers.
  • Qmerit streamlines the buying process for EV driving consumers through our Home EV Readiness Survey, which guides customers through a series of questions that eliminates the need for customers to answer the same questions from multiple contractors.
  • The EV Readiness Survey shortens the time needed for installation quotes, reduces or eliminates the need for initial contractor site visits and ensures the home is well-suited for handling a Level 2 EV charger, all of which saves time and money for customers and contractors.
  • Qmerit enables customers to get up to three competitive bids and are in full control to select their preferred installer. Customers contract directly with their installer of choice and Qmerit does not mark up their proposals.
  • Qmerit’s industry-leading technology was developed to support and automate these national roll-outs. The sophisticated platform brings efficiency to EV buyers and contractors by ensuring a seamless and high-quality home installation experience.
  • Qmerit helps ensure customers have a great experience from start to finish by digitally connecting them with local, qualified installers through our easy-to-use cloud-based platform.
  • Qmerit-certified installers specialize in EV installations and are background checked, credentialed and insured.
  • Qmerit Contribution Index (“QCI”) - Our QCI scoring system perpetually calculates a score for each contractor based on performance. It is an objective process computed based on a multitude of factors including: skills, responsiveness, compliance, customer feedback and service quality.

InsideEVs was able to interview Ken Sapp General Manager, Energy & EV Solutions for Qmerit, and here's some of the exchange:

What are you most proud of accomplishing through Qmerit?

“I’m most proud of our continual advances that help improve the EV industry through our platform. We’re already working on the next set of enhancements that will help consumers and overall EV adoption”.

What was the driving force behind starting this service?

“We recognize consumers struggle with finding a trusted contractor and

eliminate uncertainty by pre-vetting EV specialists and making it a simple

process for finding a qualified installer.

You said Qmerit will also save the customers time, how so?

“We are fortunate to have great contractors in our network - they take care of the local customers and make us look good nationally. Also, our digital platform saves time and money for contractors and customers."

Qmerit recently added Jaguar & Land Rover to the list of OEMs including BMW, MINI and Faraday Future that use their service to assist their customers with home charging installations. EVSE manufacturers ChargePoint, eMotorWerks and FLO have also teamed up with Qmerit to help their customers install the equipment they purchase from them.

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