BMW Sold Over 9,400 Plug-Ins In October, Up 60%

In October, the BMW Group wasn’t able to repeat its best-ever, 5-digit September result, but it still did fairly well nonetheless. In total, 9,405 plug-in BMW i Series, BMW iPerformance and MINI Electrics were sold. That works out to a gain of 60.3% year-over-year, and also enabled the company to hit plug-in share of…

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BMW i8 Roadster

BMW i8 Roadster To Get Power Bump, Freshened Cabin

The same gas engine will carry over. The upcoming BMW i8 Roadster has been teased and touted heavily, but its rumored debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show never happened. So, the question remains, just when will wee see the stunning convertible? New reports suggest that its debut will come in just a few…

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BMW Will Present 5 Electric Models At LA Auto Show

BMW has announced that it will present five all-electric vehicles including one “World Premiere” vehicle from the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show which begins at the end of this month (at least to the press…public days begin December 1st). In total, the BMW Group intends to have 25 electrified models by 2025,…

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BMW i8 Hellcat Rendered

We’re sure you imagined what a BMW i8 would look like with a supercharged Hellcat engine on board, right?   No?  No one has. Well, even if you didn’t, these guys have got you covered. The ClickMechanic team took it upon themselves to render a car none of us would’ve dreamed…

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