The Model S performs some exorcism on the drag strip

For all the hype's worth over the course of last year, the Dodge Demon and the Tesla Model S have been crowned the king of the drag strip by numerous news outlets. Whether it's the one or the other purely depends on what your motoring preferences are: old school V8 American Muscle or the new, all-electric family sedans that push out mind-numbing performance in a straight line. This video comes courtesy of the Tesla Racing Channel and it gives us a direct showcase of what can a Tesla Model S P100D can do against a pair of Dodge Demons.

While these two cars couldn't be farther apart from both how they're powered and what they're made for, they do pose two rather great drag strip combatants. One is marketed as a solid, luxury-laden family sedan that comes with an impressive electric range and even more appealing performance. The other one is a beast built purely for the racetrack.

Dodge claims that the Demon is the time the world’s fastest production vehicle with a 0-60mph (0-97km/h) time of just 2.3 seconds. With a roll-out, that could sink down to 2.1 seconds. On paper, that's quicker than a Bugatti Chiron (2.4secs) and the Tesla P100D with Ludicrous Plus (2.3 and a little bit). Overall, an impressive figure for a V8 supercharged vehicle that is RWD (Rear Wheel Drive) and which doesn't come with all the traction luxuries as the AWD (All Wheel Drive) Tesla.

However, that doesn't stop the Demon in tripping the lights at an insanely fast 9.65 seconds and posts an impressive top speed of 140mph. In theory, the Demon should give the Tesla a run for its money. But, for this Tesla Model S P100D, that doesn't seem to be enough at all. Even though both seem to be running the Demon crate package (set of items designed to improve the Demon's drag racing performance), Tesla doesn't even blink.

You can see how the 840 horsepower Dodge Demons fair against this Model S P100D in the video above. But let me tell you, some egos will be hurt. If Elon can advance the Model S in a similar fashion once again, we're looking at 9-second family sedans down the 1/4 mile track. And that's impressive.

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