It's pretty interesting to learn how much this Tesla Model S owner saved over a few short years.

We've been sharing our friend Sean Mitchell's story with you from the beginning. To recap, he bought a used 2013 Tesla Model S with a 60 kWh battery pack. Over a few years, he racked up a ton of miles on the car. It wasn't until after the fact that Sean learned he wasn't properly caring for his battery, which Tesla recently replaced (and upgraded). Now, Sean shares the financial aspect of owning the Model S.

What we really appreciate about Sean's work is that he takes his time and does his own detailed research. He doesn't just crank out a bunch of trivial YouTube videos filled with opinion and misinformation. With the huge influx of YouTubers out there that don't do their homework, this is a compliment to Mitchell. In addition, he admits that he's learning himself and he's open and welcome to the input of others.

With that being said, let's fast forward to Mitchell's most recent share. Would you believe it if we told you that his used Model S only cost him $14,000 to operate over about two years and 130,000 miles? In addition, it was 76 percent less expensive to fuel than an Audi A7. Nearly two-thirds of the money spent was on various tires, charging costs, and scheduled maintenance. This is clearly due to the huge amount of miles Sean accumulated in such a short time, in addition to needing seasonal tire changes to brave the Colorado elements. Sean provides a nice outline that breaks all of this down in simple terms.

Check out the video and let us know your thoughts and experiences in the comment section below.

Video Description via Sean Mitchell on YouTube:

  • Cost of Tesla over 130,000 miles (209K km)
  • Cost of Tesla over 130,000 miles About the car:
  • 2013 Model S
  • Purchased used at 16,000 miles
  • Free Supercharging included
  • Certified Pre-owned with 4 year 50,000 mile manufacture warranty
  • 8 year unlimited mile battery and motor warranty


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