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December 2019 News Archive

Pick Up The New Peugeot 2008 For £20k, Or £8k More For Electric Version

Which Car Wins More States In The US: Porsche Taycan Or Tesla Model S?

Tesco To Install Charging Points In Ireland

What Lies Ahead For Tesla In 2020?

UPDATE: Car And Driver's Long-Term Tesla Model Had 3-Way Failure While Parked

Syd Mead, Inspiration Source For The Tesla Cybertruck, Leaves Us At 86

Carlos Ghosn, Nissan’s EV Leader, Flees Japan: “I Escaped Injustice”

DAF CF Electric Trucks Already Tested For Over 150,000 KM

Tesla Model 3 Deliveries In China Start With Marriage Proposal

Tesla Gigafactory 3 New Parking Lot Is Almost Complete: Video

UK Industry Calls On Government To Protect Electric Car Grants

What's It Like To Work At The Electrified Garage? Rich Benoit Answers

London Trials Noise-Emitting Electric Buses To Improve Safety

NIO Announces Redesigned ES8 SUV And Tesla Model Y Fighter EC6

First Look At EVgo Fast Charging With New Built-In Tesla Connector

Tesla Files New Patent For Advanced Battery Chemistry

Turkey’s First Domestic Built Electric Car Has Arrived

Here's The Story Of The Tesla Model S That Ran A Red Light And Crashed

Is This Enovate ME7 The First Production Solid-State Battery Vehicle?

Petro-Canada Launched Coast-To-Coast Fast Charging Network

UPDATE: Tesla Pickup Truck Makes World Debut: Cybertruck Shocks World

Cyberhouse Protects Against Nukes, Has Tesla Cybertruck Elevator

Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Drag Race A Zero SR/F Motorcycle

Mercedes-Benz May Have An Edge With IBM's New Cobalt-Free Battery

On Single Charge, Jaguar I-Pace Laps Nürburgring More Times Than A V8

BYD Sold Over 1,000 Buses In Latin America

Boosted Tesla Model 3 Acceleration Test Reveals Surprising Result

Exclusive: Electrify America Agrees To Discuss Network's Issues - Pt. 1

Rivian Scores $1.3 Billion In Latest Investment Round

Meet Marty, The Electric Autonomous DMC DeLorean That Drifts By Itself

What Made This Tesla Model S Run A Red Light And Crash?

We Found The Russian Cybertruck And It Hides A Lada Samara Underneath

See This Fiesta? It's Electric And Quicker Than The New Tesla Roadster

Tesla Cybertruck & Semi: Radical New Battery Design Anticipated

Tesla Model 3 Taking A Leak Is A Common Issue: See What Causes It

Heavy-Duty Tesla Cybertruck Shows Up In New 6-Wheel Renders

Lordstown Endurance Electric Truck Specs: 600 HP, 200+ Miles EPA Range

UK Dealer Supports 3,400-Mile Electric Car Marathon For A Cause

Rumor Mill: VW ID.3 To Get 3 Battery And 2 Motor Options

Tesla Model 3 To Get 100 kWh Battery? Hacked Code Shows Possibility

Test Shows Tesla Cybertruck Glass Seems Weak Versus VW Golf Glass

BYD Produced Its 400th Bus In Lancaster, California

Europe's First V3 Tesla Supercharger Launches In London

Rivian Plans Driverless Transportation Technology With R1T, R1S

Piaggio Turns The Ape Into Electric Vehicle With Swappable Batteries

Russian Tesla Cybertruck Spotted Driving: Help Us Locate The Maker

BMW 5th Generation EV & PHEV Drivetrain In Brief

Tesla Model S Raven Might Be The Quickest 0-60 MPH Car Of The Decade

Tesla Releases Model 3 Acceleration Boost: Should You Buy It?

Tesla Cybertruck To Feature Heated Bed, Possible Pass-Thru For Camping

Check Out The World's First All-Electric Fire Truck

Tesla Cybertruck Makes Big Screen Debut In Mock Robocop Trailer

Tesla Cybertruck: Sandy Munro Answers All The Right Questions

Elon Musk Dismisses MCU Upgrade: Twitter Followers Fight For It

Watch RC Tesla Cybertruck In Tug-Of-War Against A Chevy Pickup Truck

BMW iX3 To Get 74 kWh Pack (Net) And Over 440 KM Of WLTP Range

Mercedes-Benz EQ Electric Powertrains To Be Made In Untertürkheim

UPDATE: DIY Ski Latch On Tesla Model 3 Reveals Rust In The Seats

All-Electric Ford F-150 Truck To Be Produced In Dearborn, Michigan

Electrify America To Install Chargers At Bank Of America Locations

MINI Now Taking Orders for 2020 Cooper SE

Mercedes EQC Ad Shows Legacy Automakers Are Missing The Point With EVs

GMC Pickup Truck Makes Tesla Model 3 Roll Over In Utah

Nissan Announces Minor Upgrades To 2020 LEAF In Japan

Kia Makes Niro EV Even More Compelling For 2020

Mercedes-Benz Starts eSprinter Production At The Dusseldorf Plant

Lotus Evija Electric Hypercar Prototype Testing Continues

Fastned Charging Network Expands To Belgium

UPDATE: Tesla Does Not Have Sentry Mode Videos On This Burglary Case

Time: Tesla Model S Is One Of The Best Gadgets Of The Decade

Interview: Tesla Cybertruck Metal Glass, Solar Power, Tesla Apps

Tesla Autopilot Confuses Boy In Orange Shirt For A Cone In Brazil

Teardown Expert Tells Us What He Thinks Of The Tesla Cybertruck

Updated EV Tax Credit Getting Broad Bipartisan Attention & Support

There Is No Such Thing As A Level 3 EV Charger: Video

Did The Rivian R1T Electric Pickup Just Win The Truck Tailgate War?

See Why This Rugged Camper Is A Perfect Match For Tesla Cybertruck

BMW i8 Production Hits 20,000: Production To Cease In April 2020

Watch Reckless Driver Brake Check A Tesla On Highway On Ramp: Video

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Progress December 12, 2019: Video

Tesla Cybertruck Envisioned As Ultra Cheap $25,000 Cybercar

Play It Safe: Let Tesla Smart Summon Pick You Up When It Snows

Watch Ford F-250 Diesel 4x4 In Tug Of War Battle Against Tesla Model X

Cybertruck Mania Leads To Copyright Dispute Over Tesla Truck Nuts

Fully Charged Explains How Home ESS/Solar Prevents Power Outages

Opel Tests Corsa-e Rally At Dudenhofen Test Center: Video

BMW Group Secures Lithium Supplies For Upcoming Next-Gen Plug-Ins

Watch This Tesla Model 3 Literally Take A Leak For 5 Minutes

MINI Expects Only 110 Miles Of EPA Range For Cooper SE

How Does Tesla Autopilot Fare In Heavy Fog?

What On Earth Is The Tesla Cybertruck's Armor Glass After All?

MAN Scores First Order For Lion’s City E Electric Buses

Tesla Quietly Changes Model 3 Pricing Ahead Of Tax Credit Expiration

What A Twist: Former Artega CEO Is The New Microlino CTO

Is Tesla Proving Legacy Auto Will Continue To Struggle With EVs?

Top 10 Future Electric Pickup Trucks Worth Waiting For

Watch Shrunken Tesla Cybertruck Come To Life Right Before Your Eyes

See The Rivian R1S Electric SUV In White For First Time Ever

Is Nio's Third Mass-Production Vehicle A Tesla Model 3 Competitor?

Audi e-tron Owner May Wish He'd Chosen A Tesla Due To Charging Issues

Tesla Skeptic Jim Cramer Has A Huge Change Of Heart

Forget Trying To Gas Up A Tesla: This Act Of Bagging Gasoline Is Nuts

Fully Charged Visits Automobili Pininfarina & Mahindra Racing

Watch Pickup Truck Try To Run Tesla Model 3 Off The Road, Then Chase It

Edmunds Declares Tesla Model 3 Its Top-Rated Electric Car Of The Year

Mitsubishi Creates Top-Spec Van Version Of Outlander PHEV

Will The Porsche Taycan Turbo Go Further Than The EPA States?

Do You Know Why The First Electric From The Toyota Group Is A Lexus?

2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo Gets EPA Range Rating Of Just 201 Miles

Wait What? You Can't Charge The Ford Mustang Mach-E At Home?

Equipmake Launches EBus Chassis Plant In UK

Tesla Cybertruck May Forever Change Automotive Landscape Of The Future

Watch Tesla Cybertruck Ride The Waves In Slick New Fishing Video

Electric Pickup Truck Known Problems: Can Issues Be Solved Soon?

European Commission Approves €3.2 Billion Aid For Battery R&D

Nio Power And Xpeng Sign Charging Roaming Agreement

Artist Creates Perfect Tesla Cybertruck Paper Clone: You Can Do It Too

GM Loans $40 Million To Lordstown Motors To Buy Former GM Plant

UPDATE: Tesla, Please Help Recover This Sentry Mode Burglary Video

Volkswagen: ID.3 Battery Pack In Brief

Volvo Trucks Shows Heavy-Duty Electric Concept Truck

Revenge Of The Electric Cars? EVs Block Gas Station To Prove A Point

Watch Porsche Taycan Try To Overtake Tesla Model S 100D On Autobahn

Plug-In EV Car Sales In Norway Decreased, But Market Share Improved

What Sets Tesla Apart From Detroit Companies? Sandy Munro Answers That

Detailed Modeling: Tesla Cybertruck 500-Mile Tri-Motor Battery & HP

BYD Scored Europe’s Largest Ever Electric Bus Order

Dana SiC Inverter Offers Up To 195 kW/L At Up To 900 V

Tesla Unplugging: Harmless Hate Episode Or Quarrel With The Owner?

Curt Brubaker Tells Us If His 78 Concept Is Tesla Cybertruck’s Father

Grab Some Cardboard And Make Your Own Tesla Cybertruck

Joe Rogan And Matt Farah Talk About Buying A Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Progress December 5, 2019: Video

Does Tesla's Elon Musk Need Market Research?

More Details On The Tesla Cybertruck's Revolutionary Design

Glencore To Supply SK Innovation With Cobalt For 3 Million Packs

Doug DeMuro Doubles Down On Tesla Cybertruck After Rebuttals

Watch Tesla Model 3 & Model X Performance Face Off Against Drag Car

Tesla Cybertruck And The Joker Movie? This Weird Trailer Combines Both

Record Demand For EVs And Hybrids Can't Stop Auto Sales Slump In UK

Rivian R1T Is More Than Halfway The Long Way Up: Spotted In Guatemala

Tesla Model 3 SR+ Races Ford Mustang GT On City Streets

Forget Waiting Months, My Tesla Model 3 Was Repaired In Days

BMW Group Set A New Plug-In Car Sales Record In November 2019

Ford Transit Custom PHEV Orders Temporarily Closed

Peugeot: 96% Of Brits Could Make Christmas Trip In EV On Single Charge

This Year, Tesla Left BYD Behind In Global EV Sales Race

Supercar Blondie Takes GFG Style's 2030 Saudi Arabia Car For A Spin

Jury Declares Elon Musk Is "Non-Liable" For Pedo Guy Tweet

Electric Ford Pickup Will Require Much Larger Battery Than Cybertruck

Teslas Are Arguably Bad At Towing: Will Cybertruck Change This?

Tesla Cybertruck Size Concerns: Will You Have To Build A New Garage?

Tesla Cybertruck With Fifth Wheel Camping Trailer Is Beyond Brilliant

UPDATE: Watch This Guy Repeatedly Slash The Tire Of A Parked Tesla: But Why?

Watch Tesla's Mobile Service Install Full Self-Driving Computer

Mercedes-Benz Starts Battery Pack Production For PHEVs In Thailand

More Details On The All-Electric Ford F-150 Revealed Via Patent App

Hyundai Strategy 2025: 670,000 BEVs/FCEVs Annually By 2025

UPDATE: Infinitum Electric Creates Printed-Circuit-Board-Stator Motor

UPDATE: GM, LG Chem Officially Announce EV Battery JV In Ohio

Apparently, We're All Wrong About Tesla Cybertruck Design

MINI Boss Talks Up The Cooper SE At LA Auto Show

The Tesla Model 3 Deemed Car Of The Year In Norway

Will The Tesla Cybertruck Cannibalize Sales Of The Model Y?

Penske Logistics Clocks 10,000 EV Miles In Freightliner eCascadia

Ford Still Carries An Extra Burden Compared To Tesla: Dealerships

Tesla Cybertruck To Fit Full 4x8 Plywood Sheet With Tailgate Stop

BloombergNEF: Average Battery Prices Fell To $156 Per kWh In 2019

Will The Tesla Cybertruck Pave Rivian A Solid Road To Success?

Nikola, IVECO And FPT Reveals All-Electric Nikola Tre Semi: Videos

Damaged Ford F-350 Pickup Leads Musk To Comment On Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck Aerodynamic Studies Point To Cd Of 0.4: Musk Says 0.3

VW, Tesco and Pod Point Launch Over 100 Charging Stations In UK

This Tesla Model X Blew A Porsche Cayenne Turbo Away, Literally

What Do Real Truck Guys Think About The Tesla Cybertruck?

How The Tesla Cybertruck Prevails In A Zombie Apocalypse

Nissan Starts Plant Technology Rollout To Handle Electrified Cars

How To Get An Electric Supercar For 1/4 Of The Price? Ask Rich

This Tesla Cybertruck Spec Ad Is Faithful To Blade Runner

BMW Invests €400 Million In Dingolfing Plant To Produce iNEXT

Check Out Similarities Between Supercharging And Filling a Gas Tank

Lucid Motors Marks Official Start Of Construction Of Its Plant

Sono Motors Delays Sion, Launches Funding Campaign

Polestar 2 Enters Tooling Trial Production Phase

Fantastic News: Roosi Is Fine And Still Driving Around Tallinn

SK Innovation Expected To Build 2nd Battery Plant In China

This Couple Goes To The Extreme To Get Tesla Sentry Mode's Attention

Thanksgiving Turns Yellow Light On For Tesla Supercharger Availability

Kia Announces Higher Availability Of Niro EV And New Soul EV In UK

Check Out This First-Rate Tesla Cybertruck Spec Ad

Tesla Gigafactory 3 Construction Progress November 29, 2019: Video

Northvolt ESS To Reduce Charging Stations' Peak Electricity Demand

ChargePoint Home Flex: A Good EV Charger Gets Even Better

Tesla Cybertruck Tops Ram 1500, Ford F-150 Raptor In Aerodynamics

Vattenfall Installs ABB's 50 kW Chargers In Sweden

Some Used Electric Cars Are Appreciating In Value

Tesla Cybertruck Aerodynamics Explored In Detail

Renault Zoe Lease Is Just £269 A Month Thanks To High Residual Value

Next-Generation Vauxhall/Opel Corsa-e To Be Electric Only?

We Need To Discuss Aftermarket Batteries As Soon As Possible

Quick Look At The MINI Cooper SE At The LA Auto Show: Videos

Global EV Sales In October 2019 Shrunk 28%: Tesla Extends its Lead

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