The Tesla Cybertruck has so many exciting aspects that we would love to see what engineering experts can say about it. Such as Sandy Munro, from Munro & Associates. He is now one of the contributors to the E For Electric YouTube channel. In his first contribution, he spoke precisely about the Tesla Cybertruck.

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You may be asking what he thinks about it. We can tell you he loved the Cybertruck from the very first moment he saw it. That said, we would recommend that you watch the whole video to see his impressions on the new electric pickup truck.

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There are just a few aspects of the video that we would like to discuss without hurting the fun of watching Guberman and Munro’s conversation. One of them is the Cybertruck being an armored vehicle, and the other is its construction, which promises to be the revolutionary stressed-skin structure.

Regarding the first point, there was never a word on the Cybertruck being armored. Elon Musk just said its body naturally resists 9mm shots, but that was just to show how strong its stainless steel is. When Munro says it will probably have kevlar, that is something a really armored version of it would have, not the production version.

Tesla Cybertruck Reveal

The second point, regarding the stressed-skin structure, was not addressed. Guberman seems to try to talk about it, but he does not mention this construction system straight away. That is likely why Munro says the Cybertruck is easy to build, considering there is no stamping the stainless steel, just bending the material.

We would love to see Guberman talking to Munro specifically about this new manufacturing method and the challenges it imposes, but we are happy they have discussed the Cybertruck anyway. What else would you like to see these guys discuss? Are you going to donate a Cybertruck for Munro & Associates to disassemble and learn? Let us know about that in the comments below.

Video Description Via E For Electric On YouTube:

Sandy Munro discusses Tesla Cybertruck, its specs and the challenges of Tesla's future production in this first episode of our new "Teardown with Sandy Munro" segment.

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