At the Tesla Cybertruck unveiling, everybody expected the pickup truck to be the center of all attention, but its windows and the memes did not let that happen. The unbreakable glass that shattered became one of the major discussion points that night. But what on Earth is that? What is it made of? Why is it an advantage to use it, if it is at all? That is what the Undecided With Matt Ferrell YouTube channel decided to discuss in the video above.

Gallery: Check This Theory On What On Earth Is The Tesla Armor Glass

He remembers that the Tesla Armor Glass, as it is called, was created to the Tesla Semi. Its goal was to avoid downtime for Tesla trucks, making them run for more time than its competitors precisely because its windshield would not be so fragile.

We still have no Semi for sale, but the Tesla Armor Glass will be in the Cybertruck. Elon Musk has referred to it as a transparent metal. It was even written in one of the screens behind him and the Cybertruck at the unveiling night. Ferrell has an interesting theory to explain what it is.

Check This Theory On What On Earth Is The Tesla Armor Glass

There is a ceramic material that actually has aluminum as one of its components. It is called aluminum oxynitride. A company called Surmet sells it as Alon, which is also known as “transparent aluminum.” Coincidence? It is much more resistant than regular glass. 

Check This Theory On What On Earth Is The Tesla Armor Glass

Ferrell shows takes of a brief comparison video between a 1.6-in Alon Armor bulletproof glass and a regular 3.7-in bulletproof glass made by Surmet. The thinner Alon compound does not allow a 50 caliber bullet to pass, while the regular one does. In other words, it may falter, but it resists. Or is it Elon? Alon, Elon… You got the point.

Have a look at the complete Surmet video below.

The biggest problem with Alon is that it is expensive to produce. According to Ferrell’s theory, Elon must be studying a way to make Alon cheaper. If this is what the Tesla Armor is about, it represents another innovation. Let’s wait to hear what Tesla can tell us about that.

Video Description Via Undecided With Matt Ferrell On YouTube:

In the Tesla Cybertruck reveal we all saw the horrible Tesla Armor Glass fail.  But what is transparent metal glass? Why did Tesla make Tesla Armor Glass in the first place?  How is it made and how strong is it really?

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