You have probably already seen the cardboard Cybertruck, the papercraft Cybertruck, the RC Cybertruck, the mini-Cybertruck, the fold-up Cybertruck, and the fake Cybertruck. We have covered all these tributes to Tesla’s electric pickup truck, but this one is still a mystery. It was filmed in Khimki, a city in the metropolitan area of Moscow, 30 km northwest of the center of Russia’s capital.

Gallery: Who Is The Man Behind This Russian Cybertruck? Help Us Find Out

The license plate could give us some clues of what this replica is, but it is tough to read it. When it looks more legible, it seems to be this: H286FC. The city code beside it could be 40 or 46. We cannot say for sure.

Our Russian readers are very welcome to help us find out more about this new Cybertruck derivative. It is obviously mounted over a donor car. Which car was it? Is the replica road legal, or did its creator just put the license plate of the donor car on the Russian Cybertruck?


To answer all these questions, we need to contact the creator. He or she can explain to us the reasons behind it. But that obviously would not be enough. When did the project start? How was it done? Did it require any help? How much was spent in the process? The reactions of people about the car also interest us.

It is improbable, for example, that it is electric. We believe it was built over a cheap ICE platform, to drive costs down. It probably uses Lada underpins or those of any other Russian car brand. Another possibility is a VW Beetle floor pan. There is an electrified one for sale, as we have already told you here.

Who Is The Man Behind This Russian Cybertruck? Help Us Find Out

Do you know the person that has built this? Could you touch base whoever this is and ask for more information? The ideal situation would be that this creative mind contacted us and let us know more about this Cybertruck, but any help our Russian readers can provide is more than welcome. Shall we begin? The comments are all yours.

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