We suspect that, if Tesla wanted to license toys and objects inspired by the Cybertruck, it could make some decent money just by doing that. The electric pickup truck is immensely popular and has already created a cardboard working toy, a DIY papercraft work of art, and now a fold-up toy. The Alex- Fold Up Toy profile on Twitter released it and was presented to us by Popular Mechanics.

Gallery: Check This Free Tesla Cybertruck Fold-Up Toy Right Now

Check below Alex’s tweet offering the fold-up toy:


When you visit the project’s page, you discover that it was conceived by Alex Josephine Gwynne. This graphic designer has over a decade of developing these paper toys and the download she offers is free: an intelligent way to promote her interesting work.

Alex’s Cybertruck can be printed with all the details already in place. The bed cover, the windshield, and unshattered windows are all there. Even the wheels and tires are very faithful to the car Elon Musk presented us a while ago.

Check This Free Tesla Cybertruck Fold-Up Toy Right Now

Some people are already asking her to make some changes, but they seem not to realize that it is a gift. In other words, you either accept it or not. If she is to do anything more elaborate than that, she should charge for it.

Popular Mechanics managed to interview her. They did a pretty good job of learning how she came up with the idea, the differences between her work and papercraft, and other interesting aspects of the project. We recommend you read it when you can.

Check This Free Tesla Cybertruck Fold-Up Toy Right Now

Apart from that, and even if this project is for free, have a look at her website folduptoys.com. You can also support her work on Patreon, ask her for a unique design, or just thank her for the idea. At least, while Tesla does not decide to charge royalties for everything inspired on its new electric pickup truck.

Source: Popular Mechanics

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