The old ball and hitch just isn't what some of us want these days. In steps the fifth-wheel trailer to the rescue.

And they said it couldn't be done. Well, here it is and it's done right.

The Tesla Cybertruck's unique bed doesn't allow for a conventional fifth-wheel trailer to work due to the angled slabs of stainless steel that would interfere when making tight turns with the camper attached.

Cybertruck With Fifth Wheel Trailer

However, in this brilliant new form, the attached fifth-wheel trailer takes on a whole new shape to accommodate the different design of the Cybertruck.

The Cyber RV is envisioned as having a roof full of solar panels, which could help run appliances within the camper or even send juice back to the battery of the Tesla truck. Additionally, more batteries could be fitted into the floor of the Cyber camper to extend the range of the Cybertruck or to fully power the camper when off the grid.

The whole design seems genius to us and even if Tesla doesn't build it, some skilled RV maker certainly could. Sure, it will be expensive, but it's so impressive that we're certain it would be a hit.

Fifth-wheel campers

What are the benefits of a fifth-wheel trailer? Well, there are several, as well as some cons, and we've laid them out for you below:


  • Larger families will enjoy the spacious floorplan and additional living space
  • You can enjoy a split bedroom style sometimes even offering multiple doors
  • Taller people will fit easier with the additional headspace and soaring ceiling heights
  • While driving there is an additional steadiness and even towing
  • They are easier to hook up to than a ball and hitch
  • There is more storage available within the unit


  • The weight is heavier.
  • They could present clearance issues due to the additional height
  • They are often harder to back up until you are used to the movement

Video description via MotorHomeMan on YouTube:

I’m thinking about building a fifth wheel RV for full-time motor homing, here’s my initial concept render!


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