Our friends from the CanalTeslaBrasil always ask for our help in convincing Elon Musk to sell Tesla’s cars in that country. We wish we had that much influence. We can’t even convince him of asking the PR department to answer our questions! Perhaps the Gigafactory 3 will make these guys’ request easier. Anyway, they always give us helpful tips, such as this one on a hilarious video that will surely go viral. It already has on Twitter.

Gallery: Is This Boy With An Orange Shirt A Traffic Cone? Tesla Autopilot Thinks So

Have a look at their tweet to see what happened.


If you are not fluent in Portuguese, we can tell you what the man and the woman discuss in the video. She asks if Autopilot says it is a person with a traffic cone. The man asks her to wait a bit. Then he says Autopilot realizes it is a person and finally the driver assistance system shows only a cone in the touchscreen. She then corrects him and both get a good laugh because Autopilot thought the boy with an orange shirt was, in fact, a cone.

According to CanalTeslaBrasil, this video came from a friend that was testing Autopilot on Brazilian streets. How, if Tesla does not sell them there? By independently importing it. We knew of a company there that was specialized in Tesla vehicles, but they were not selling any Model 3 units not long ago, only Model S and Model X cars.

The video does not seem to have been shot in regular streets. In fact, it was probably inside a private complex. They are very common in Brazil among wealthier people that can avoid living in typical houses due to violence.

Is This Boy With An Orange Shirt A Traffic Cone? Tesla Autopilot Thinks So

These gated condos have armed private security that makes rounds with motorcycles – you see one of them in the video – and surveillance cameras to ensure no crimes occur inside the premises. On the streets, armored cars try to keep their drivers and occupants safe. For the ones that can afford them, obviously.

We will update this story when we know more about who shot the video, where, and when. In the meantime, make sure you watch it and help us understand why Autopilot confuses the boy with the orange shirt for a traffic cone. Is it just the color? Is it the size of the boy?

Was the Tesla Cybertruck on Autopilot in the video above? Joking aside, as long as Autopilot keeps the boy and the cones protected, it’s in the green. And it is in the green for a long time already.

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