As Tesla moves forward with its Full Self-Driving technology to the point that it's deemed "feature complete," we need to look closely at every possible scenario. Some have argued that without LIDAR, the system can't possibly succeed 100 percent, especially when it comes to situations involving low light, direct sunlight, and fog.

Tesla Autopilot has been under the microscope for years. This is because no matter how successful the new semi-autonomous technology is, there will always be issues. Not to mention people misusing and abusing the technology despite Tesla's "rules" and instructions.

It has become increasingly clear that people will misuse products, not read the instruction manual, and simply do whatever they choose, and/or whatever makes the most sense to them and their situation. Let's face it, many people are simply risk-takers through and through. Over the years, this has proven to get many companies in trouble, so much so that they've been forced to take valuable products off the market.

The time seems to be coming that Tesla may be forced to deactivate its Autopilot system indefinitely. Sadly, there have been a few catastrophic accidents, some of which have even led to fatalities. However, in the grand scheme of things, we're confident, as are many, that features like Autopilot will work to save many lives. Think drunk drivers, distracted drivers, aggressive drivers, just plain bad drivers, the elderly, new teen drivers, etc.

Many of us humans are good drivers, or at least we claim to be. But, despite that, there will always be situations that we just don't have the means to handle correctly or quickly enough.

Dense fog is difficult to drive in. However, systems like Autopilot have the potentail to change that. It's important to note that fog is not something that cameras capture well. Even the thickest fog doesn't often look like a problem in pictures and video.

At any rate, check out the video above to see how Tesla Autopilot handles the fog. Then, share your thoughts and experiences with us in our comment section below.

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Can Autopilot See Clearly in Heavy Fog? | Tesla | Testing | Driving

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