The Microlino is so popular among our readers that we often get messages asking for news. People want to buy one. Some don’t even care if they come from Artega, the company that is still trying to sell a slightly modified version as the Karo despite two turndowns from German justice. Microlino intends to sell them itself. To bring that closer to reality, it has hired Peter Müller, Artega’s former COO, and CEO. How come?

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You may be asking how is this even possible, right? Or waiting for a Latin soap opera writer to step in and say this is an intricate work of fiction, but that won’t happen. Reality is stranger than fiction, and all this is very real.

Microlino presents Müller as a former BMW and Porsche executive, which he was. He started his career at Porsche in 1985, as an engine testing engineer, and left the company in 1996 as head of product management. 

In an interview published at Microlino’s website, Müller says he was among “those responsible for the launch of the Porsche Boxster, which was a courageous and important step for the company at the time.”

What A Twist: Former Artega CEO Is The New Microlino CTO

In 1999, Müller joined BMW with the same job description he last had at Porsche. He left the company in 2008, at the motorcycle division, already as an executive vice-president. In 2009, he joined Artega as chief operating officer.

The Artega GT had been introduced in 2007, but production was going very slowly. Klaus Dieter Frers was ousted of the company in 2009, the same year Müller joined the company. He was probably hired by Wolfgang Ziebarth, Frers’ former partner at Artega.

Artega Scalo

Frers claims he had delivered 43 units of the car until then. Our sources told us that only eight Artega GT pre-production cars existed at the time, and that production only started for real eight months after Frers was removed from the company. We have asked Frers for the documents on the delivered vehicles but did not hear back from him ever since.

Artega Scalo

In 2010, Müller became CEO and was with the company until 2012, when it went bankrupt. When we have the chance to talk to Müller, we’ll ask him about what led to this apart from the 2008 financial crisis.

What we know for sure is that Frers bought the company back right after it went bankrupt. Below you can see an interview Müller gave at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show about the Artega GT:

From that moment on, Müller started to work as a consultant until he joined Chery in 2013. He worked for the Chinese company until 2018. In 2019, he joined Brusa Elektronik AG, in Switzerland. This company is dedicated to “electronic and mechanical components to e-powertrain,” as its website explains.

Oops!... Artega Did It Again: It Showed A Microlino As the Karo

Microlino has hired him as his chief technical officer (CTO). In other words, he will help refine the project. This is what Müller has to say about that:

“In terms of complexity, the Microlino is closer to a motorcycle in many ways and there my experience in the development of motorcycles as well as automobiles is very valuable because I can combine the best of both worlds. The Microlino is a new product category and for that, you need novel approaches.”

Oops!... Artega Did It Again: It Showed A Microlino As the Karo

You are probably glad to hear this, but you still want to know when you will be able to buy yours. We have asked that to Merlin Ouboter, CMO of Micro-Mobility.

“I cannot say too much but soon we will announce our new schedule for the Microlino.”

Believe US: This Is Not The Microlino; It Is The Karolino

Does that mean they have reached an agreement with Artega? Did the German justice give them a final ruling on the lawsuit against it? Ouboter kept the mystery about that, but only to a certain point. He was more confident than anything else.

“Trust me we have found a good solution. We’ll let you know as soon as possible.”

Microlino fans, the message is clear: you’ll soon know when you will be able to buy your urban EV. Just be patient, and we’ll tell you when as soon as we learn about that. May Peter Müller help that happen as quickly as possible.

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