Whenever we write an article on Tesla hate, we get emails or comments saying that we are making things up. That people do not hate Tesla cars per se. They say these hate episodes come from quarrels with the owners and that we did not investigate enough, to put it in polite terms. That does not change the fact that there is Tesla hate. This may be another example, even if apparently more innocent and harmless.

Gallery: Was This Unplugging Out Of Tesla Hate Episode Or A Quarrel With The Owner?

The Tesla in the video above was charging at the International Market Place in Honolulu last December 1. At 2:43 PM, Sentry Mode films this guy getting sneakily close to the car and unplugging it from the charger station. He then drops the charger on the ground, as if trying to make it look like it was accidentally disconnected.

Unfortunately, we very often see people that plug their cars to charge and leave it there for a whole day. Other owners often disconnect already charged vehicles to be able to charge theirs. It may also happen that someone unplugs another EV just because they do not want to wait. That would be a reason, but the guy then enters apparently a Honda CR-V parked very far from the Tesla. Not before messing with a yellow VW Beetle parked beside it. He seems to try to open its door. Why? Perhaps the police can find it out.

Was This Unplugging Out Of Tesla Hate Episode Or A Quarrel With The Owner?

The TSLA Driver YouTube channel owner says the man did it “for no reason,” which implies they did not discuss and that they do not even know each other. It would be nice if he could get in touch to tell us more about it.

Anyway, we suspect it will be exactly like what happened to Michael McEown and, more recently, to Jay Rosas. It comes out of the blue, for no reason. Which reinforces the idea that people do that out of pure hate. Or envy. Or these and other negative feelings combined.

Video Description Via TSLA Driver On YouTube

Shameless person unplugging my car at International Marketplace in Honolulu on 12/1/2019 around 2:43 pm for no reason.  Think twice before messing with other people's cars. You just might end up on Youtube.

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