We do not cease to praise the Tesla Sentry Mode. Nor do Tesla owners that find their cars damaged for no reason. Michael McEown gives us an example of that for this article. Not only once but twice.

On the same day, his Model 3 filmed a guy trying to enter it and a woman keying it. Too much for a single day, right? The Sugar Creek Community Park in Charlotte, North Carolina, should take measures to prevent that.

All actions developed there in early July, well before our latest stories on people keying Teslas. Although a couple of months old already, this video can still give the story a happy ending. McEown only needs our readers’ help to identify the woman that damaged his car. And the man that tried to enter, if that is possible.

McEown talked to WBTV and stated he just wants to understand why she did that — apart from paying for the damages, of course. He told the TV channel he didn’t interact with her in any way. One of his hypotheses is that she thought the owner was somebody else. The other is that she just hates Tesla. Unfortunately, that seems rather ordinary.

This Tesla Faced Keying And Breaking-In Attempt On The Same Day

The woman first rubs a duffel bag on the white Model 3. Then she gets back and keys it. She then enters her seventh-generation black Chevrolet Malibu taking a good look if the damage was enough. When she seems satisfied with the result, she drives away.

This Tesla Faced Keying And Breaking-In Attempt On The Same Day

We are not able to see her car's license plate. The case is the same with the white GMC Yukon that belongs to the man that tried to break into the Tesla. In the video, it appears as if he's trying to open the Tesla door. He's also quite close to the Malibu of the keying lady.

This Tesla Faced Keying And Breaking-In Attempt On The Same Day

Was he curious to see the interior of a Model 3? We can't say, but he certainly looks suspicious. In case you have had items from your car stolen at the Sugar Creek Community Park, perhaps this is the guy you should talk to? Let's leave that to the police and hope they can make some progress here.

This Tesla Faced Keying And Breaking-In Attempt On The Same Day

If you know these people, please reach out to the Charlotte Metro Police Department or call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. 

Video Description Via Michael McEown On YouTube:

Caught vandalizing my car. Why do humans do such things?

Help me understand why. This Chevy Malibu(I think?) was parked here before I arrived. This is at Sugar Creek Community Park in Charlotte, NC. This woman came from the tennis courts where I was playing a match. I saw her practicing on her own 3 courts away from me. I never had any interaction with her, and I don't know if she even knew who the owner of my car was. I'm assuming it's random hate. I noticed a long dark scratch (from her duffel bag dragging the length of my car). Then spotted the scratch from her keying after viewing dash cam video.

Bonus video: Same day, different villain. Someone attempted to break in to cars at the same location.

Everything was reported to Charlotte Metro PD. They've been great, but can't ID this vandal. Damage was a 4 inch scratch on driver's side rear door. The duffel bag marks wiped off.

Source: WBTV

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