No EV would ever charge in public places should this lady’s example set the standard.

There is a charging etiquette, but most of it is based on a single thing: the Golden Rule. You do not have to be religious to follow the principle that you should treat others as you would like others to treat you. Well, this lady has yet to learn that. Unfortunately, Jeffrey Kim found that out when he checked his Tesla’s Sentry Mode videos.

Gallery: This Lady Does Not Know The Golden Rule And Unplugs Tesla To Plug BMW

Kim parked his EV at Los Cerritos Center, in California and started charging. We imagine that, when he got back, he noticed someone had unplugged his car from the charger. After checking the images, he realized this woman had just taken the power cord away.

We have tried to find a way to contact Kim, but there is no way on his YouTube channel to do that. In case you know him, please ask him to get in touch to explain the exact circumstances of this incident. We don't even know which Tesla he has.

This Lady Does Not Know The Golden Rule And Unplugs Tesla To Plug BMW

Another thing that needs more clarification is the final image in the video. It shows a BMW i3 parked in front of his Tesla, which we were not able to identify. It suggests this lady took the cord to charge her BMW, but we cannot tell that for sure with the information the video or its description provides. 

This Lady Does Not Know The Golden Rule And Unplugs Tesla To Plug BMW

What do you think that happened in this case? Was this woman really trying to charge her BMW i3? Did she just take it out for a tasteless joke? Was she trying to play some sort of revenge on Kim? There are questions only the Tesla owner will be able to give. We’ll wait to see if we can share them with you as soon as possible. If we confirm someone that uses an EV behaves in such a selfish way, we'll advise her to buy an old diesel. It will be more fitting.

Video Description Via Jeffrey Kim On YouTube

Someone decides they don't want to wait in line and unplugs my Tesla while it's charging at the Cerritos Mall. Caught on Sentry Mode.

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