What was that E-Class driver trying to do by swerving so close to the Tesla?

Sentry Mode never ceases to feed us with shocking videos. Mostly of very different situations, such as a fistfight, silly door dings, keying, bad driving, glass-breaking butts… The list is almost endless. Now we have a new category of videos: swerving. But how can a parked EV swerve anything, right? It was not the Tesla, but a Mercedes-Benz E-Class – a W210 – that did a dangerous maneuver for the cameras – and almost hit the EV.

Sentry Mode Proves A Tesla Can Feel Thrilled Even Without Moving

Check the video above, and you will see the W210 comes towards the Tesla in a very erratic way. When it is getting close, it heads towards the EV and swerves all of a sudden. Then it gets back on the previous track, probably with a lot of singing from the rear tires.

The action does not stop there. The Mercedes driver makes a bootleg turn in front of a house and stops. Even a cat runs away.

Sentry Mode Proves A Tesla Can Feel Thrilled Even Without Moving

The owner of the house gets out. The W210 crosses the lawn. That is when the first people, apparently teenagers, start to get out of the car. Or to escape it, since they leave the doors open.

The driver couldn’t care less. He keeps on moving the Mercedes with the doors open. One of the teenagers tries to close the rear door. None of the people that left the car goes inside the house. The house owner was probably flabbergasted. Who were those people?

Sentry Mode Proves A Tesla Can Feel Thrilled Even Without Moving

We’ll probably never know. And that is precisely here that we need your help.

Do you have any idea who were those guys? Was the driver intoxicated or just trying to scare his teenage buddies? 

What about the owner of the house? Did he know these guys? Did he call the police? 

When did that happen? Where? Is the cat safe? Share info with us in the comments if you have any. If you don’t, just share your thoughts about the whole situation with us.

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