Northvolt, the European battery start-up, has announced its first commercial deployment project, which turns out to be an energy storage system for fast charging stations, to reduce peak electricity demand.

A 320 kWh and 220 kW battery will be installed in Västerås, Sweden, in partnership with Mälarenergi, a city-owned electric power and district heating provider, at the Rocklunda charging station.

According to Northvolt, the ESS will be commissioned in summer 2020 and reduce the peak demand by more than 80%, which is illustrated below:


Emad Zand, President Energy Solutions, Northvolt, comments:

Northvolt’s mission is to enable the future of energy by developing battery products across multiple industries. We believe that an electrified transportation system coupled with increased urbanization will rapidly increase the demands on utilities to strengthen their grids in a quick and flexible manner. The partnership with Mälarenergi represents our first commercial deploymentshowcasing how batteries can be a part of the solution of the future grid. 

Helena Olssén Strategy Manager, Mälarenergi Elnät, comments:

“We are excited to be partnering with Northvolt on this project which will support our vision for a sustainable energy system. In Mälardalen region we face challenges with both power consumption and grid capacity. For Mälarenergi, this project provides the opportunity to validate the benefits battery storage can provide for the electricity grid, the customer and society at large.”   

Björn Sandvall, Technical Manager, Rocklunda Fastigheter AB said:

“Rocklunda Fastigheter is proud to be able to contribute to increasing knowledge and experience regarding energy storage through our participation in this project. Local energy storage for the purpose of peak shaving is very interesting for us as commercial property owners as our arenas are energy and power intensive, especially during large events. The project fits in well with our ongoing work to deliver a more sustainable future,”. 

Northvolt's ambitions

Northvolt is just starting its battery business but is has bold ambitions, according to the latest media reports.

The company announced a lithium-ion battery cell manufacturing plant to be built in Northvolt Ett, in Skellefteå, Sweden with a production capacity of 32 GWh by 2023. Production to start in 2021. There is also an option for an expansion to 40 GWh by 2024.

The second project is a joint venture with Volkswagen in Salzgitter: 16 GWh annually (could be increased to 24 GWh later), starting from late 2023/early 2024.

It means that the plan is from 48 to 64 GWh. Northvolt CEO Peter Carlsson hinted at 150 GWh and 25% share of European EV battery market by 2030:

"As Northvolt CEO Peter Carlsson told the Financial Times, the Swedish company is aiming for production capacities of around 150 GWh and a market share of 25 per cent in Europe by 2030. “There is no doubt that our ambitions go far beyond 64 GWh,”"

Source: Northvolt, via

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