Dana is presenting its all-new highly efficient silicon carbide (SiC) inverter developed for e-racing at CTI Berlin (Dec. 9-12).

Dana TM4 (formerly TM4) does not reveal details about the SiC inverter besides its general capability of 450-900 V operating voltage and superb power density of 195 kW/L.

The new SiC power electronics, for highly efficient inverters and chargers and next-generation battery packs (800 V), are one of the main directions of future development.

Currently, SiC power electronics are used in high-end models, which increases the range on a single charge by at least few percent.

"Originally developed for the high-performance requirements of racing, which has served as a testbed for Dana’s technology over the last five years, the Dana TM4 SiC technology inverters are capable of supporting more than 800 volts for passenger cars and 900 volts for race cars. The SiC technology enables higher system voltage and improves the overall system efficiency.

With the capability to increase the switching frequency when compared with traditional inverters technology, the quality of the output current can be improved, and a higher electrical frequency output current can be controlled, adding essential flexibility to the motor design.  Another core benefit of the high-switching-frequency inverter is that it can deliver equivalent or greater power in a smaller package, while also reducing losses during power conversion – improving vehicle efficiency.

The showcased inverter with SiC embedded achieves 195 kW per liter, which is close to double the 2025 U.S. Department of Energy target of 100 kW per liter.  Similarly, because of the SiC power module’s high-performance properties, batteries and other critical vehicle elements of the system such as motors can be reduced in size, in turn supporting OEMs in their pursuit to develop more compact and lightweight vehicles.  Dana TM4 is developing the technology for large-volume production to meet the growing demands for high performance inverters."

Christophe Dominiak, chief technology officer for Dana said:

“Leveraging more than 30 years of know-how in power electronics design, Dana continues to lead the way in the development of new and enhanced inverter solutions. Our silicon-carbide-based technology inverter demonstrates our leadership and capabilities in next-generation inverters.  These new technologies are central to helping our customers achieve their power, range, and efficiency targets in the upcoming years.”

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