Lucid Motors, accompanied by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, announced the start of construction of its electric vehicle manufacturing facility in Casa Grande.

The first phase of the factory construction is scheduled for completion in late 2020 and will cost more than $300 million.

"The event, designated a "ground-building" ceremony because it serves as a symbol of Lucid's long-term commitment to the region, celebrates not only the start of construction but also Lucid's plan for continuous growth and future products."

The company expects that by the mid-2020s, including the following phases, the total capital investment will exceed $700 million.

"The factory is expected to have a positive economic impact on the city, county, and state, including:

  • Approximately 4,800 direct and indirect jobs by 2029
  • Over $700 million in capital investment by Lucid by the mid-2020s
  • An estimated $32 billion revenue impact for the city and county over a 20-year period
  • Training programs and new curriculums at local community colleges"

The first all-electric model from Lucid will be the Lucid Air, but the facility is envisioned to handle the production of "multiple" models.

Taking into consideration the size of the building (visualized below) we are not expecting any high volume of sales though. Lucid aims at the luxury segment, after all.

Lucid Motors' factory in Arizona (visualization)
Lucid Motors' factory in Arizona (visualization)

Peter Rawlinson, CEO and CTO, Lucid Motors said:

"The Lucid Air is a cutting-edge electric vehicle designed, engineered, and destined for manufacture entirely in America. We are proud to be moving forward on our commitment to manufacturing the Lucid Air in Casa Grande. With supportive investors, an outstanding team of designers and engineers, and a product strategy that extends well beyond the Air, we expect today to be just the start of a longstanding presence in this dynamic city."

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey said:

"Attracting a high-tech automotive manufacturer like Lucid Motors to Arizona is a testament to the talent, business environment, and geographic location our state has to offer innovative companies to help them succeed. I congratulate Lucid Motors, Casa Grande, and Pinal County on achieving this milestone and look forward to seeing the first vehicles roll off the production line."

Casa Grande Mayor Craig McFarland said:

"We are pleased that a company on the cutting edge of technology and innovation such as Lucid chose to build their manufacturing facility in Casa Grande. Not only will Lucid bring thousands of good paying jobs to the area, but it also anchors our efforts to attract additional high-tech businesses to the region and develop a highly skilled workforce for advanced manufacturing."

Pinal County Board of Supervisors Chairman Mike Goodman said:

"The partnership and cooperation it took to bring Lucid here is something we are proud of as a region. Lucid and its automotive vision and technology fits in well as one of our targeted sectors we want to bring to the area. The Pinal County Board of Supervisors is proud to welcome Lucid, and we look forward to a long partnership together."

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