The Tesla Cybertruck might just be the ultimate camping pickup if features such as a heated truck bed and a pass-thru from the passenger compartment become reality.

We've already seen images (directly from Tesla) of the Cybertruck's camping setup, but now we learn that some additional features might make this truck even more useful for self-contained overnight stays.

The other day, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to some questions on Twitter and this may help shed some light on what's envisioned in regards to camping in the Cybertruck. According to Musk, heating and cooling will certainly be available within the bed of the truck. So, when either the automatic cover is closed or the truck is set up as pictured above, the bed of the truck will be climate-controlled.


Musk didn't elaborate on how this would be possible. There are things to consider, such as the amount of energy required to heat/cool such a large exposed space and also how having HVAC openings in the bed might invite entrance into the cab by things like insects or even harmful fumes from chemicals with the truck's bed.

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As for the pass-thru access to the truck's bed, Musk answered "probably," but we think this is a bad idea. Trucks have two distinct areas. The cab or cabin, which is usually quite clean and the bed, where all sorts of items may be placed/stored. Combining the outside mess with the inside just doesn't make sense in the world of trucks. If this pass-thru is added, at least it should be optional and not standard.

Both the HVAC in the bed and the pass-thru present another challenge though and that's cost. These very unique features would have to be developed and employed, but what's the cost to the buyer?

The Cybertruck has already re-invented the truck as we know it. Perhaps let's just leave it at that for now and focus on other trick features at a later date.

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