What could the movie Joker and the Tesla Cybertruck have in common? We had never associated them in any way before watching the video above. After doing so, we will probably always remember this weird association. Apart from being entertaining, it is supported by some real contact points.

Gallery: Colorful Tesla Cybertruck

In case you have not watched the movie, we will try not to give any spoilers, ok?

Both the Joker and the Cybertruck are misunderstood characters. Arthur Fleck – the Joker’s real name – suffers from a condition called Pseudobulbar Affect. It makes him laugh uncontrollably, causing all sorts of inconveniences or real trouble.

The Tesla Cybertruck does not resemble a pickup truck at all – but out of convenience. It needs to be aerodynamically efficient, hence the covered bed. It also uses a stressed-skin structure, which allows it to be as light as a regular pickup truck.

Tesla's pickup truck is also not made of regular steel but rather cold-rolled stainless steel that is much harder. That implies it cannot be stamped, only bent. All that makes the Cybertruck look different.

Cybertruck Nuts

The Joker and the Cybertruck can both look weird. At the same time, they can seem pathetic and menacing. 

They arrived to challenge the status quo, but in opposite ways. While the Joker proposes chaos, the Cybertruck subverts a long-established order with pure logic, as one of our articles already explained.

Tesla Cybertruck Reveal

Either in movies or comics, the Joker is one of the most long-lasting villains ever to appear. The Cybertruck promises to do the same with its unique body.

These are the similarities we can perceive among the electric pickup truck and the Joker. Are there any others we may have overlooked and that you think are worth considering as well? Is there any we have mentioned you do not agree with?

Tesla Cybertruck And Joker? This Weird Trailer Joins Both Of Them

Willing to comment or not, do not miss the trailer. It is skillfully executed, full of movie references, and very funny. It even provides a harsher explanation for the Tesla Armor glass to shatter. If you have not watched the movie, do so. The psychological perspective it gives the Joker is more shocking than 400V.

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