We are surprised this video has not reached the internet so far, but it will have millions of views as soon as it does. Mostly because it was a noble mission: to help find the GMC full-size pickup truck driver that provoked this massive accident on December 14 in Cottonwood Heights, Utah. Two vehicles, including a Tesla Model 3, rolled over due to the truck driver’s reckless maneuvers.

Gallery: Find This GMC Pickup Truck Which Made A Tesla Model 3 Roll Over In Utah

We are trying to reach friends, the Cottonwood Heights Police Department, and anyone that could help us find the Tesla Model 3 owner to know what happened. According to Fox 13 Now, witnesses said the truck driver tried to pass several vehicles at once and did not have time to complete the maneuver.

That made him crash the truck to hit the Tesla. In a domino effect, the EV crashed into another vehicle on the right. Both of them were forced out of the road and rolled over. If the reports are precise, five people were treated at the scene and released.

Fox 13 Now reports TeslaCam produced a video of the whole incident but did not manage to record the license plate on the GMC pickup truck. The screenshots the CHPD released clearly come from the TeslaCam footage.

Find This GMC Pickup Truck Which Made A Tesla Model 3 Roll Over In Utah

Although the police already have the video, it would help a lot if the CHPD or the Tesla owner published it. There may be something there that allows our readers to identify the pickup truck and its driver.

The CHPD only states that the GMC pickup truck probably has damages on the passenger side, with white paint from the Tesla on it. It was also last seen heading “north on Wasatch at 7121 South,” according to this CHPD tweet.


In case you have any news about this GMC pickup truck, get in touch with the CHPD. If you know the Tesla Model 3 owner and can put him in touch with us, please do so. It is important to find this reckless driver and make sure he or she will not be able to drive for a long time.

Source: Fox 13 Now

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