Many, if not most, of today's pickup trucks are tough, highly capable, and somewhat free of major issues. This is because automakers — especially in the United States — put trucks at the forefront of their focus due to people's undying interest in the segment.

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck Pickup Truck Debut

Every time one of the major OEMs comes out with a pickup truck redesign in order to top the competition, rival companies follow suit. Over the years, this has led to pickup trucks' incredible prowess on many levels. However, if you're not careful, even the best of trucks can fail in a miserable way. It seems Tesla, and Elon Musk, with its upcoming Cybertruck, may have addressed one of the major issues.

Check out the video below as an example of the above. Keep in mind, this is a Ford F-350, which is arguably just about the toughest and most capable truck one can buy in the States these days.


As you can see, the results aren't pretty here. In addition, as the tweet prematurely reveals, the person who posted the Twitter share was reaching out to Musk to ask (assure) that this type of situation wouldn't plague the future Tesla Cybertruck.

Rest assured — as long as you have faith in Tesla and Elon Musk — this situation may not be a cause for concern when it comes to the upcoming Cybertruck. As Musk shares, this is precisely why the Silicon Valley automaker decided to go with an adaptive air suspension height and damping control for the Cybertruck.


If you're a truck owner, we'd appreciate some insight here, as it would be supremely valuable to gather some educated opinions on the subject.

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