Vattenfall has expanded its InCharge charging network in Sweden by some 40 new DC fast chargers from ABB, which interestingly are rated at 50 kW.

The project was an end-to-end solution by ABB, which takes care of everything from installation and connection to the power grid. The ABB Terra chargers were also a little bit customized:

"ABB is supporting leading European energy company Vattenfall develop a comprehensive electric vehicle charging network in Sweden, with a complete solution that includes both the fast-charging station and all the necessary grid connection hardware. The technology from ABB is now charging EVs at almost 40 public locations across Sweden for Vattenfall."

"It was finished in a customer-specified shade to match the EV charger and also incorporates a dedicated space for a billing meter."

The interesting thing is that Vattenfall is still adding new entry-level 50 kW chargers these days, which maybe might be related to Sweden’s harsh winter conditions. In lower temperatures, acceptable charging power is decreasing to a point where 50 kW might be a reasonable option (150 kW or more would not bring much of an improvement if a battery is cold).

ABB says that so far it deployed more than 13,000 DC fast chargers across 77 countries. Recently, the focus is on higher power versions and already more than 2,000 chargers are rated at 150-450 kW.

Vattenfall InCharge charging station in Sweden - 50 kW ABB DC fast charger
Vattenfall InCharge charging station in Sweden - 50 kW ABB DC fast charger

Frank Muehlon, Head of ABB’s global business for E-Mobility Infrastructure Solutions said:

“For e-mobility to flourish, drivers need fast-charging stations with a reliable power supply connection. ABB’s ability to provide this as an end-to-end solution is why we are the leading name in electric vehicle charging and is a key factor in our work for Vattenfall. The strength of our technical support and our ability to deliver against very short time frames places ABB ahead of the competition.”

Björn Öster, Public Charging Manager at Vattenfall e-mobility Nordic, said:

“Vattenfall and ABB have a long history of collaboration. Together we have a proven track-record for a turn-key solution in bringing fast chargers to the public EV market - ABB delivers our hardware and grid connection equipment and we install and connect it to the public network InCharge making it possible for the EV driver to find and use it in a smooth way”.

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